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Thursday, September 23, 2010

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 22nd September 2010

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Tonight's show marks the first of the official fall semester schedule and, as a result, my 11th anniversary as a DJ at WQFS. And I could think of no better way to celebrate 11 years than by doing a great interview with Jonathan Moore of Romancer as a kick off to the annual GreensboroFest weekend which starts tomorrow. More information about that below.

WQFS is bringing you the fantastic Wavves next Tuesday night, 8 PM, at the Guilford College cafeteria. The show also features Christmas Island and Greensboro's own Mutant League. It's a free show with, get this, free pizza and soda for all concert goers as well. It's a must-see show with a must-eat incentive, so make sure you come down and hang with us next Tuesday, September 28th, at the Guilford College cafeteria.

Now, while I'm still hungry, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 22nd September 2010 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Lower Dens - "Hospice Gates" [from twin-hand movement. if you weren't at the WQFS sponsored free show here on campus last friday night to catch lower dens, well, you missed out. they put on a stellar performance and i really hope they'll come back around soon.]
Mansun - "Negative" [from six. one of the weirder bands of the britpop era - way more influenced by prog-rock and trad-rock, but their first two albums - this one and its predecessor, attack of the grey lantern, are simply fantastic.]
Casual Curious - "Garden" [from their self-titled LP. one of the bands playing as part of greensboro fest. they'll be playing tomorrow night, thursday, september 23rd, at legitimate business.]
Romancer - "I Wanna Get High" [a new recording that jonathan brought in. romancer will be playing friday night at the lyndon street gallery.]

[Here's where I spoke with Jonathan Moore of Romancer, one of a whole slew of bands playing at the annual GreensboroFest which kicks off tomorrow night. Jonathan and his music are no stranger to my show - he's been interviewed before in addition to being a member of two mainstays of local music on my show, Tiger Bear Wolf and Health. We talked about Romancer, what all that project is about, the legacy of Tiger Bear Wolf, GreensboroFest, Greensboro music and a lot more. Enjoy.]

Romancer - "The World is Exploding" (live) [a live performance by jonathan in studio. click here to download the performance. like most all of romancer's stuff, a great little pop song.]
Secret Message Machine - "Drug Store Bums" [from orphanville. they're playing on sunday night at legitimate business as part of greensboro fest.]
Decoration Ghost - "Father's Fists" [from the haze of wine and age. they're playing saturday night at studio b at the broach theatre. they're also playing tomorrow night, thursday, at the green bean as part of embarrassing fruit's CD release show. not related to greensborofest, but still a great opportunity for great live music.]
Romancer - "We've Got All Summer" (live) [another live song, this one even more lively than the last. click here to download.]
Megafaun - "Heretofore" [the title track from their new EP. well, this piece of perfection is finally out. i really can't say enough good things about it, so let me rave about their show this past weekend as part of the duke performances series. i knew i was in for something special when it was announced that megafaun, fight the big bull, sharon van etten and justin vernon would be doing reinterpretations of songs from alan lomax's sounds of the south collection, but i truly wasn't prepared for how amazing it was. can't wait to hear the live recordings that are going to be released of it in the near future.]
Dr. Dog - "Shadow People" [from shame, shame. a record that i haven't spent as much time with as i'd like, but a great band and a very good song.]
Twin Sister - "Lady Daydream" [from color your life. i hadn't played any twin sister in awhile, but then i got an email about them appearing on the shaking through webseries and was reminded how much i love this band. song of the year? maybe.]
the Kingsbury Manx - "And What Fallout!" [from the fast rise and fall of the south. another great north carolina band i saw at the hopscotch festival the other weekend. love this song.]
Steve Wynn and Miracle 3 - "Resolution" [from the forthcoming northern aggression which will be out in november. i haven't had a chance to go through the album yet, but this opening track is dynamic and really, really good. we'll be hearing more.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Drag the Lake Charlie" [from the big to-do. one of the great songs from the new album that the truckers played up in raleigh this past sunday. if you've never seen the truckers live, do yourself a favor and go do it. even if you're only passingly familiar with them, they are a sight to behold.]
Stornoway - "I Saw You Blink" [from beachcomber's windowsill. one of my favorite albums of this year. this song reminds me, especially, of the stone roses and that's a very, very good thing.]
Fountains of Wayne - "New Routine" [from traffic and weather. got an email last week announcing that fountains of wayne are doing a mini-tour and putting the finishing touches on their new album. can't wait to hear it.]
Superchunk - "Everything at Once" [from majesty shredding. i find this a little hard to believe, but i guess it's true. superchunk were on jimmy fallon's late night show the other night and it was the first time the band made a network tv appearance in sixteen years. so to add a special touch to their performance of "digging for something" from the new album, they did a web-only exclusive performance of on the mouth's "precision auto." yes, they still rock that hard. check it out.]
Wavves - "Mickey Mouse" [from king of the beach. like i mentioned above (and as the PSA before this song announces), we're hosting this band live next tuesday at the guilford cafeteria. make sure to be there.]
Anika - "Yang Yang" [from her new self-titled album. got this mp3 in email today and was drawn in by the fact that a) stones throw records was distributing it, b) this woman had worked with a member of portishead and c) something about her being a political writer. sold! we'll be hearing more, hopefully.]
Caleb Caudle and the Bayonets - "Honest Eyed Woman" [from snake river canyon. another band you might have missed last friday night at the green bean and should regret it. make up for it. they'll be at nightlight in chapel hill tomorrow, thursday, september 23rd and at the garage in winston-salem on friday, september 24th.]
the Walkmen - "Juveniles" [from lisbon. their new album is fantastic and we'll be hearing a lot more from this record over the next few weeks.]
Nanci Griffith - "I Would Bring You Ireland" (live) [from the one fair summer's evening live record. i've always loved this rendition of this song and this record is one of my favorite griffith albums in general. beautiful stuff.]

That'll do it for this week. Thanks to Jonathan Moore for stopping by and I'll see you guys out at GreensboroFest shows this weekend. Until then, Go Panthers!, and take care.

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  • At 2:33 PM, September 26, 2010, Blogger Hipsters guide to Greensboro said…

    hi, hope you dont mind, but i mentioned your show and site on my new blogspot. if this is not ok, just let me know.

  • At 6:42 PM, September 26, 2010, Blogger J. Neas said…

    Hey, thanks for the link to my show. I really appreciate it. I always try to put together a great mix of local, national and international stuff for people with open ears, so it's always nice to hear good feedback.

    I'd second your recommendation of Vintage 301 on Fridays, but another place with a respect for good beer is the Lindley Park Filling Station. They have great craft brews on draught and bottle and good food to boot. On Tuesday nights, all 'adult' beverages are a dollar off and there's a fun pop culture trivia game as well where you can win bar cash.

    Look forward to seeing what else you get up to here on the blog!


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