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Sunday, October 24, 2010

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 20th October 2010

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. A lot of great new music this week as well as dipping into some older stuff, as always. There are a couple of great shows this weekend here in Greensboro that I hype during the show, but I'll also mention them here.

Friday, October 22nd at the Green Bean it's Caleb Caudle and the Bayonets and Lake Isle. This great combo played at the Green Bean back in September, so it's good to have them back. Also, on Saturday, October 23rd at the Flatiron, Filthybird will be celebrating the release of their new album, Songs for Other People along with Decoration Ghost, Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands and one other band. Both of these shows ought to be awesome.

Also, if you're heading to the Lexington Barbecue Festival this Saturday, keep an eye out for me and say hi. I'll wear a WQFS t-shirt of some variety and you can try and guess if it's me. It's like a geekier more sad Where's Waldo.

Now, before the pig starts pickin', onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast - 20th October 2010 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Pains of Being Pure at Heart - "Say No to Love" [the single released earlier this summer and all of this is just to get you pumped for their new full length which will be out soon. stay tuned.]
the Jayhawks - "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" [from smile. it took me awhile to warm up to how sunny and poppy this album is, but in the long run, i've loved it pretty intensely.]
Bear in Heaven - "Wholehearted Mess" [from beast rest forth mouth. bear in heaven is going to be playing here at guilford on monday, november 15th. we're still getting the venue nailed down, so stay tuned for details on that as well. you know how we do. it'll be awesome.]
White Rabbits - "Midnight and I" [from it's frightening. they're going to be at local 506 in chapel hill on tuesday, november 2nd. pretty exciting.]
J's Indie/Rock First Times - Corin Tucker - [i interviewed corin tucker earlier this week for a piece on aquarium drunkard that will go up soon. i got her to talk about her first concert - X!]
the Corin Tucker Band - "It's Always Summer" [from 1,000 years which is, honestly, a really great album. i'm loving it quite a bit.]
X - "White Girl" [from wild gift. follow the bouncing connections. so, tucker talked about seeing X, and i played X...]
Bad Religion - "Only Rain" [from the dissent of man. x got its start in the los angeles punk scene which also birthed these hardcore punk originals. this is from their new album and uses rain as a metaphor..]
Del Amitri - "Some Other Sucker's Parade" [the title track from their 1997 album. and this song uses rain as a metaphor as well. got it? you're welcome.]
Filthybird - "Pick Me Up" [from their new album songs for other people which they'll be celebrating the release of this saturday, october 23rd, at the flatiron in greensboro. ought to be awesome, especially since the following two bands are playing with them also.]
Decoration Ghost - "Repay the Spark" [from the haze of wine and age. they'll be at the show on saturday, rockin' as always.]
Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands - "Lollipop" [from their self-titled record. they'll be at the saturday show as well. check out their live session here on the show the other week.]
Caleb Caudle - "Red Bank Road" [the title track from two albums back. caleb and his band, the bayonets, will be playing at the green bean in downtown greensboro this friday night along with the lake isle. great music.]
Wire - "Two Minutes" [from red barked tree. this record won't be out until january, but any new music from the post-punk legends since their early 00s reboot is welcome news.]
Matthew Sweet - "We're the Same" [from 100% fun. my first matthew sweet album is probably still my favorite one as well and this song is just a treat of pop.]
Superchunk - "Fractures in Plaster" [from majesty shredding. i love the opening to this song. that guitar solo sailing over top of things is just pristine and gorgeous.]
James Marshall Owen - "Nashville" [from his new album gate city get up, marshall's new self-released album that he gave out at the last of his going-away parties last saturday. this is a version of a matty sheets song that we heard matty and the blockheads plus marshall do live on the show last week.]
Crocodiles - "Billy Speed" [from the awesome new sleep forever. i'm really loving this album. more than their debut. some people disagree with me, but, oh, well, that's what opinions are for.]
the Joy Formidable - "Cradle" [from the a balloon called moaning EP. pretty great song from this welsh band.]
Antony and the Johnsons - "Swanlights" [the title track from his latest which i reviewed over at aquarium drunkard last week. we're also doing a series of posts about covers antony has done. there will be a couple of more yet. check 'em out.]
Lush - "Ladykiller" [from lovelife. i meant to play "500," but i guess i'll get to that next week. sadly the last album that this band would release before the untimely suicide of their drummer.]
the Walkmen - "Blue as Your Blood" [from lisbon. a really excellent record from a consistently excellent band. well worth hearing if you haven't already.]
the Posies - "She's Coming Down Again!" [from blood/candy. this is, for my money, the best song on this album. can't wait to see them do it live in november at the cat's cradle.]
Guided by Voices - "Game of Pricks" [from alien lanes. the reunion cast of guided by voices will be at the cat's cradle this friday night, october 22nd. it's long sold out, but perhaps you can scare up some tickets outside the venue or online somewhere.]
Eyedea and Abilities - "Smile" [from by the throat. i've never played these guys on my show before, and i hate that this is the reason i'm doing it, but eyedea passed away this weekend at the age of 28. a sad loss to the awesome minneapolis hip-hop scene and now that i'm getting a listen to him myself, i can see why it's so upsetting. a great loss.]
Abe Vigoda - "Crush" [the title track from their latest. this is some seriously good stuff. we'll be hearing more as i wrap my head around what it sounds like exactly.]
Blonde Redhead - "My Plants are Dead" [from penny sparkle which is really growing on me. i'm enjoying this album quite a bit. they'll be at the cat's cradle on saturday, october 30th.]
the Tragically Hip - "Bobcaygeon" [from phantom power. this is about the only hip album i play stuff off of regularly, but that's only because it was the first i ever heard and i'm still madly in love with it.]
Tom Waits - "Picture in a Frame" [from mule variations. it's been a long time since i've played anything off of this particular album, but it was the first new waits album to come out after i became aware of him as an artist. my freshman year of college if i remember correctly. makes me miss sylvia. thanks, sylvia.]

That'll do it for the show this week. I'll be back next week with more awesome new music and classic classics. Until then, Go Panthers!, and take care.



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