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Thursday, November 11, 2010

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 10th November 2010

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. I had a lot of fun with tonight's show and I think the songs are pretty well matched this evening. I'm especially fond of the pairs of Young Marble Giants/Hole and Dillard and Clark/Velvet Crush. All in all, a pretty enjoyable show.

I didn't play any of him tonight, but Adam Thorn is playing his CD release show at the Maya Gallery on Tate Street tomorrow, Thursday, November 11th. The new album is supposed to be amazing, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the show and picking up the album. Also, WQFS is hosting Bear in Heaven at Dana Auditorium on Guilford College campus next Monday, November 15th at 8pm. It's a free show and you definitely should come to it.

Finally, this week and next, I'll continue to have to upload the podcasts, initially, to my own space and they'll be added to the Libsyn/iTunes feed on Saturdays of each week. Sorry for the inconvenience, but at least it will still be available for direct download.

Update: Podcast link updated.

Now, while the warm weather holds, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 10th November 2010 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Crocodiles - "Hollow Hollow Eyes" [from sleep forever. this is probably going to end up on my year-end list somewhere. i'm just really loving this album a lot.]
Fugazi - "Cashout" [from the argument. it's hard to believe that next fall will be a full decade since this, fugazi's last album, was released. it's even crazier to think about how amazing this record is and how much of a high point they went out on, for sure.]
the Corin Tucker Band - "Riley" [from 1,000 years. my interview with corin tucker is up over at aquarium drunkard. go check it out and enjoy. one more idol off my list of ones to interview.]
the Afghan Whigs - "Debonair" [from gentlemen. if i can go a few weeks without playing the afghan whigs, well, i don't know. i know i play them a lot, but really, can you think of a reason not to play the afghan whigs each week? that's what i thought. nope.]
the Tallest Man on Earth - "The Dreamer" [from sometimes the blues is just a passing bird. the av club reviewed this record and referred to this song as the great lost britpop song. kind of amusing, but not far off, actually. good stuff from the swede.]
the Broken West - "Down in the Valley" [from i can't go on, i'll go on. one of my absolute favorite singles from a few years ago; ran into it on an old mix of mine the other day and thought it was time to drag it back out.]
Brendan Benson - "Garbage Day" [from my old familiar friend. benson will be at the cat's cradle next thursday, november 18th along with..]
the Posies - "She's Coming Down Again!" [from blood/candy. ..these guys, who are opening. i cannot wait for this show as i've never seen the posies and, frankly, i'm salivating.]
Megafaun - "Bonnie's Song" [from heretofore. you can check out my review of this album over at aquarium drunkard. one of my favorites of this year, without question.]
Young Marble Giants - "Music for Evenings" [from colossal youth. i also did a piece this past week on young marble giants' "credit in the straight world" and hole's cover of it from live through this. check it out.]
Hole - "Credit in the Straight World" [from live through this. and i threw in hole's version for good measure. i'm a big fan of the first three hole albums and they were actually my gateway into knowing about young marble giants, so kudos to courtney love for picking a pretty great song to cover.]
the Black Angels - "Bad Vibrations" [from phosphene dream. the lead track from their excellent new album. three cheers for psychedelic shoegaze.]
Lissie - "Worried About" (live) [from the aquarium drunkard sessions she recorded earlier this year. you can download all of the tracks over at aquarium drunkard and the head drunkard will be featuring all of them on his sirius satellite radio show this friday at noon and midnight.]
Dillard and Clark - "Train Leaves Here This Morning" [from the fantastic expedition of dillard and clark. i'm a bit ashamed, as much as i love gene clark as a songwriter, that i'd never actually heard the dillard and clark record until this week, but god, i'm glad i finally have. simply stunning.]
the Velvet Crush - "Why Not Your Baby" [from teenage symphonies to god. and i owe it all to the velvet crush, really. this cover of the clark classic (from the same dillard and clark album) is what got me interested in clark in the first place.]
Bear in Heaven - "Casual Goodbye" [from beast rest forth mouth. these guys are going to be at guilford next monday, november 15th at 8pm along with a few other bands for free. if you have never seen this band live, you are in for a serious, serious treat. the show is in dana auditorium so show up and enjoy it. for real.]
Telekinesis - "Dirty Thing" [from the parallel seismic conspiracies EP. this is what landed in my inbox last week that i thought was the new LP. instead it's a teaser EP that has a cover of guided by voices' "game of pricks" as well. we'll hear that next week probably.]
Kathleen Edwards - "Somewhere Else" [from back to me. i think this is my favorite kathleen edwards album. it's certainly the one i return to again and again.]
Travel by Sea - "Glimpse of Day" [from two states and the blindness that follows. new album from a former autumn tone records band. really, really good. we'll hear plenty more. i like these guys.]
Lambchop - "Get It" (live) [from the live at merge XX album - i was at this show and it was, literally, in my top 5 shows of all time. just simply astounding.]
Jens Lekman - "The End of the World Is Bigger Than Love" [new song from jens who is playing two shows in the states in december - one in new york and one in los angeles. worth the travel, probably.]
Gary Numan - "Metal" [from the pleasure principle. gary is out touring for the 30th anniversary of this album and playing it in its entirety. wish i could have caught some of the shows.]
Pop Will Eat Itself - "Wise Up! Sucker" [from this is the day..this is the hour..this is this! gotta love any album that includes so many audio clips from the warriors. this record is very much of its time, but still incredibly fun and infectious.]
Active Child - "I'm In Your Church at Night" [from curtis lane EP. loved this band at the hopscotch festival and actually got a call tonight asking 'who is this?' always a good sign. we'll hear more.]
This Mortal Coil - "Kanga-Roo" [from it'll end in tears. one of the big star covers from this pretty amazing record. not something i could listen to every day - i value not slitting my wrists or sitting in my parent's basement eating a kfc famous bowl in the dark - but it is a really amazing album all the same.]

That'll do it for this week. See you at Adam Thorn tomorrow and Bear in Heaven next Monday. Until then, Go Panthers!, and take care.



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