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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 3rd November 2010

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Lots of good stuff tonight - I'm fond of this show. A heads up: because of a miscalculation in uploads on podcasts this month, I won't be able to upload this week's show to Libsyn (my podcast host) until Saturday. In the meantime, I'm going to host the podcast file on my personal storage host. What this means is that if you normally use something like iTunes to automatically download my podcast from either Libsyn or iTunes, you'll have to manually right click and download the podcast from here if you want the podcast before Saturday. A small price to pay for great music. Thanks for your patience. Problem fixed and iTunes and Libsyn downloads should be available now. Thanks for your patience. This may happen again in the coming few weeks. Apologies in advance.

Also, this Sunday at 9 PM at Artistika on Elm Street in Greensboro, come join me for the Tate-Ashbury Charity Fashion Show. Over 40 60s hippie/mod outfits and clothes will be modeled for you to check out, but also the excellent Holy Ghost Tent Revival and Brooklyn, New York's Pearl and the Beard will be performing. Tickets are $10 at the door and the money goes to Susie's Fund, a charity that helps abused animals. It's all for a good cause and hey, who wouldn't like to hear me calling out people on the catwalk? Come have a great time.

Now, quicker than Christine O'Donnell can say 'merry meet and blessed be,' onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 3rd November 2010 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Crocodiles - "Sleep Forever" [the title track from their latest. now that this is in rotation officially, i hope it gets a lot of plays. it's a really great record, in my humble opinion.]
Soundgarden - "Mind Riot" [from badmotorfinger. i play soundgarden very rarely and when i do, it's almost always this song. they have been more in my mind after their recent reunion.]
Deadly Syndrome - "Carried Away" [from l'aventure. if you haven't picked up this covers album of the entirety of television's adventure by various los angeles bands, well, go get it.]
Bash and Pop - "Tiny Pieces" [from friday night is killing me. tommy stinson's first post-replacements band and probably my favorite of his post-mats work in general. love this album. well worth hunting down since it's out of print.]
the Foreign Exchange - "The Last Fall" [from authenticity. the third release from the north carolina group finds them sticking with the gorgeous r&b crooner format of their second album with even better results. get this stuff.]
Dr. Dog - "Shadow People" [by request. from shame, shame. still haven't seen these guys live and still hate their name, but man, do they make good music.]
Bad Religion - "Cyanide" [from the dissent of man. still shaking my head good naturedly at the fact that the heartbreakers' mike campbell plays guitar on this. honestly, i think it's one of the best songs bad religion has recorded in awhile.]
Michael Penn - "No Myth" [from march. got this stuck in my head last week and it just stayed there. sure, it's his most famous song, but hey, for a reason.]
the Corin Tucker Band - "Doubt" [from 1,000 years. more excellent stuff from the former member of sleater-kinney's debut solo album.]
P.O.S. - "Graves (We Wrote Back)" [from never better. one of my absolute favorite albums of last year and it still packs a major punch. new album sometime soon, yes, maybe?]
the Black Angels - "Haunting at 1300 McKinley" [from phosphene dream. really loving their new album and wish i could see this stuff live. come east, young people, come east!]
Telekinesis - "Tokyo" [from their self-titled debut. i planned to play this to celebrate their forthcoming album. then, right before i leave home, i get an email sending me an advance copy of the new record. so sadly we'll have to wait til next week to hear some, but oh, will we.]
Cold Water Shave - "One Horse Blues" [from the grand ole uproar. mastered recordings done by the band and producer snuzz. we're going to have these guys up on the show here sometime.]
Sonic Youth - "The Empty Page" [from murray street. still ranks among my top 5 favorite albums by the band. it was a revelation when it came out, truly.]
Glasser - "Apply" [from ring. saw that this band will be opening for wild flag on their initial west coast dates this fall and then recognized the name in rotation. pretty good. we'll hear more.]
Vic Chesnutt - "Flirted With You All My Life" [from at the cut. it was a year ago sunday, last halloween, that i saw vic chesnutt for what turned out to be the last time. i drove down to wilmington to see him play at the soapbox and saw one of the best shows of my life. you are still so sorely missed, vic. so sad to think that we'll never get to hear another new album from you.]
Pearl and the Beard - "Voice in My Throat" [from god bless your weary soul, amanda richardson. pearl and the beard, along with holy ghost tent revival, will be playing this sunday at artistika on elm street downtown as part of the tate-ashbury fashion show: fashions of the 60s. yours truly is MC'ing this charity event raising money for susie's fund to help look after abused animals. more information here, but come on out on sunday. fashion show starts at 9, bands after, and it's $10 at the door or $5 for students or $7 for others ahead of time at design archives on tate street. come on down.]
the Replacements - "Can't Hardly Wait" (electric outtake) [from the remastered and bonus editioned version of tim. one of numerous versions of this song, but all of them are wonderful.]
Jeff Buckley - "Hallelujah" [by request. from grace. caller had wanted to hear the leonard cohen original, but when i asked if i could play her the jeff buckley one if i couldn't find the cohen, she opted for the buckley version instead. kind of a slow point in the midst of this set, but i think it worked. plus i got a complimentary call from another listener for playing it.]
Justin Currie - "A Man With Nothing to Do" [from the great war. a lot of things about this album remind me of del amitri's some other sucker's parade and that's a really good thing.]
Black Mountain - "Buried by the Blues" [from wilderness heart. this new album is a much less hazy journey than the previous album and something is lost in that, but something is gained also. still trying to figure out what i think of it.]
Lake Isle - "Anodyne" [from their debut EP wake up. more great greensboro rock and roll.]
the Twilight Singers - "Forty Dollars" [from powder burns. love the little interpolation of "she loves you" in this song's bridge. dulli, you scamp.]
Filthybird - "Pick Me Up" [from songs for other people. more great stuff from the mebane via greensboro band. need to have them up on the show sometime soon.]
Gary Wilson - "In the Night" [from electric endicott. gary sat in with the roots on late night with jimmy fallon last week and provided a serious dose of weird to the show. pretty entertaining. wish he'd been the musical guest, though, and not just sitting in with them.]
Blur - "Yuko and Hiro" [from the great escape. got this song stuck in my head the other week and, well, that's the origin of about half the songs i play each week. there you go.]



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