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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 23rd March 2011

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. It was a really awesome show tonight with a pretty consistent explosive rock and roll feel to the full two hours. I think you need to save this one for an awesome, sunny early-spring weekend afternoon that will be hopefully coming all of y'all's ways soon.

Now, before we can even get distracted, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 23rd March 2011 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
MYTY KONKEROR - "Whitewash" [from i miss the future, a really fantastic sounding record that is now available in vinyl, including a way to help raise some money for japan by purchasing some limited edition swag. check out twin lakes records' site for more details.]
the Supersuckers - "The Evil Powers of Rock and Roll" [the title track from their 1999 album. i threw this up since supersuckers frontman, eddie spaghetti, is playing at tremont music hall in charlotte on sunday, march 27th. good rock and roll.]
Oakley Hall - "Confidence Man" [the lead track from gypsum strings. because of a goofy previous dj who left the continuous play button on, i accidentally played some prince alongside this. hope it sounded decent..]
the Henry Clay People - "California Wildfire" [from their forthcoming this is a desert EP. go grab the track over at aquarium drunkard. sounds awesome.]
Telekinesis - "Car Crash" [from 12 desperate straight lines. another of my favorite songs from the live show the other week. this record just really came alive in that live setting. go see this band live. now.]
the Clash - "Safe European Home" [from give 'em enough rope, a record that doesn't get nearly enough credit or mention in the clash catalogue considering how ridiculously good it is. this opening track especially.]
Obits - "You Gotta Lose" [from the forthcoming moody, standard and poor. sad i missed these guys live earlier this year. come back around when the record drops, guys. please?]
Devin Davis - "Giant Spiders" [from lonely people of the world, unite, a record i never get tired of in the realm of great, unsung power pop gems. seriously awesome.]
Jonny - "Candyfloss" [from their forthcoming self-titled debut out on merge records next month. jonny features norman blake of teenage fanclub and euros childs of gorky's zygotic mynci and it's really quite good. we'll hear a lot more.]
Catherine Wheel - "Crank" [from their sophomore effort, chrome, a record that doesn't get quite as much credit as their awesome debut, but is still quite stunning.]
Lucinda Williams - "Convince Me" [from blessed, her latest album. i'm still enjoying it a lot - the most i have one of her albums in some time.]
Liz Phair - "Divorce Song" [from exile in guyville. found out today that a friend of mine is getting separated from their partner, so, this song lept to my mind. oh, liz. how we miss you.]
Sloan - "She's Slowing Down Again" [from the forthcoming the double cross which is due out in may on yep roc records. it's really solid, as most all of sloan's stuff has been in recent years. we'll hear plenty more.]
Mary Lou Lord - "Seven Sisters" [from got no shadow. i tweeted about this - is it possible to hear this record and not love it? and if you don't, do you have a soul? yeah, it's that beautiful. even, what, 15 years later?]
Sebadoh - "The Freed Pig" [from III. sebadoh is going to be at the cat's cradle this sunday, march 27th. probably going to be a pretty awesome show, all told.]
the Damnwells - "She Goes Around" [from no one listens to the band anymore, their latest and they'll be at kings in raleigh on tuesday, march 29th. get excited.]
the Mountain Goats - "Damn These Vampires" [from the new all eternals deck. i'm digging this record so far, but we'll see how it works out. probably going to be one of the ones ryan snyder and i look at for next week's indie/rock roundtable. meanwhile, catch them at the cat's cradle on friday, april 8th along with megafaun.]
the Pains of Being Pure at Heart - "Young Adult Friction" [from their self-titled 2009 album. can't wait to see them live on saturday, april 2nd at local 506 with twin shadow.]
the Joy Formidable - "Austere" [from a balloon called moaning. they'll be at duke coffeehouse in durham tomorrow night, thursday, march 24th. get on it.]
Prince - "U Got the Look" [from sign o' the times. his royal badness is in raleigh tonight, charlotte tomorrow and here in greensboro on saturday, march 26th! i can't wait! this is a ridiculous level of excitement i have, y'all.]
the Veils - "The Wishbone" [from troubles of the brain EP which is, honestly, really, really good. bound for some year end accolades from me, at least.]
Big Black - "The Model" [from songs about fucking, their cover of a classic kraftwerk song. one of my favorite album titles to not quite exactly say on the air.]
Wire - "Mannequin" [from pink flag. you can check out my album art piece about this album over at aquarium drunkard. love this album.]
Yuck - "Shook Down" [from their self-titled album. i'm getting more and more into this record, i don't care how much like the 90s it sounds, no one has sounded this much like the 90s and done it so well since the 90s, so there.]
the Rural Alberta Advantage - "Stamp" [from departing. an awesome song, and we'll definitely have to hear more off this new album. keep your ears open.]
Travis - "The Line Is Fine" [from good feeling. for mad dog, who was listening, and who has a shared love for travis' first album along with me. he was never as big on the man who though. we aren't all perfect.]
Dom - "Burn Bridges" [from sun bronzed greek gods. digging this EP quite a bit and we'll have to hear some more as i believe it's getting reissued on a label soon.]
Patti Smith - "Gloria: In Excelsis Deo / Gloria" [from horses. my obsession continues as i continue reading the amazing just kids. seriously, go pick that book up now.]

That'll do it for this week. Ryan Snyder from Yes! Weekly will be back with us next week for the Indie/Rock Roundtable discussing new records from Scritti Politti and the Mountain Goats, so make sure you tune in for that. Until then, Go Heels!, and take care.



  • At 12:56 PM, March 24, 2011, Anonymous Kiefer said…

    Awesome playlist! Saw Sebadoh last night in Milford, CT. It was so fun to see them perform those old songs from Bakesale and Bubble and Scrape. Brought me back to a time when a bj in the Whitehouse was our nation's biggest crisis.


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