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Thursday, June 16, 2011

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 15th June 2011

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. It's becoming a bit more random when we do this, but Ryan Snyder from YES Weekly stopped in again for this month's J's Indie/Rock Roundtable. We talked about new albums from the Rosebuds and Bon Iver and Ryan's recent trip out to Bonnaroo. All in all a good time and some great music, too.

Next week on the show we're going to be revisited by members of the Grand Ole Uproar who were with us back in early February. Sadly that show didn't record and those great live performances were lost into the ether. They'll be back next week along with members of Emily Stewart and Baby Teeth to talk about a show they have coming up next Wednesday at the Blind Tiger as well as play some live songs and give us a taste of what they're all about. Really looking forward to it as the last interview was a hoot.

Now, before the milk gets spilt, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 15th June 2011 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Fucked Up - "Ship of Fools" [from the new david comes to life which is absolutely stunning, to be honest. we'll be hearing a lot more from what is almost certainly bound for my year-end best-of list.]
the Replacements - "Kids Don't Follow" [from stink. just got done watching the new replacements documentary color me obsessed and i'm going to talk a lot more about that soon. so expect a lot of 'mats music in the weeks to come. as if you don't already..]
Black Lips - "Modern Art" [from the new arabia mountain. we'll be hearing more. this is a band i've sat on for too long, honestly.]
the Stranglers - "No More Heroes" [by request. the title track from their 1977 album. always gotta love having people call up and request the stranglers. good call, man.]

[Here's where Ryan Snyder and I broke out the Indie/Rock Roundtable again to discuss new releases from the Rosebuds, Loud Planes Fly Low, and Bon Iver's self-titled sophomore album. We also talked about his exploits at Bonnaroo and other upcoming summer festivals of note. A great time - so take a listen and see what we thought about the new albums.]

the Rosebuds - "Go Ahead" [from loud planes fly low.]
the Rosebuds - "Woods" [from loud planes fly low.]
Bon Iver - "Calgary" [from bon iver.]
Bon Iver - "Towers" [from bon iver.]
Battles - "Sweetie and Shag" [from the really astounding gloss drop which I am all about after getting my ears on it. we'll be hearing a lot more.]
Frank Black - "Los Angeles" [from his self-titled solo debut. thoughts on your favorite frank black solo records? i first heard him solo when teenager of the year came out and the lovely "headache" was all over 120 minutes, but i've also, ashamedly, never picked that record up.]
the Beastie Boys - "Nonstop Disco Powerpack" [another new one from hot sauce committee part 2. i'm feeling it. it's just good to have them back.]
Track a Tiger - "Glad to be Scattered" [from woke up early the day i died. this was one of my absolutely favorite singles of 2006 and it still bowls me over listening to it. just a note perfect song.]
the Roadside Graves - "Double Feature" [from the forthcoming we can take care of ourselves, a vinyl release on autumn tone records which is also a concept album centered around s.e. hinton's the outsiders. i love roadside graves. so. much.]
Pulp - "Razzamatazz" [by request. from intro: the gift recordings, this song also shows up as an unlisted bonus track on the u.s. version of his 'n' hers. really one of my favorite pulp songs of all time.]
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - "Alabama Pines" [from here we rest. i'll admit that i kind of slept on this album because i was so underwhelmed by the last isbell album. i'm rethinking it after giving this song a listen. we'll hear more.]
Bash and Pop - "Tiny Pieces" [from fright night is killing me, the one and only record by this band, tommy stinson's first project post-replacements. it really is one of the best post-replacements projects by any of the members and it's a really tremendous album. worth hunting down as it is way, way out of print.]
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - "Senator" [from the forthcoming mirror traffic which will be out in august. this lead single is, really, pretty fantastic. you can grab it over at aquarium drunkard and take a listen.]
the Dream Syndicate - "That's What You Always Say" [from the days of wine and roses. really, people. if you don't own this record, you don't really like guitar rock and roll. and if you've never heard it, get on it.]
Frank Turner - "Peggy Sang the Blues" [from england keep my bones. this was a twitter recommendation from long-time listener lis over in glasgow, scotland. we'll be hearing a lot more as i'm quite digging it. thanks, lis!]
Fountains of Wayne - "Survival Car" [from their self-titled debut. told you i'd play "survival car" this week! love it.]
Jellyfish - "All I Want is Everything" [from their 1990 debut bellybutton. i was drawn into this band by listening so some of member jason falkner's solo work and it's pretty amazing psych-influenced early 90s, major label pop music. ah, the time when all manner of odd people could get major label deals. those were the days. well worth hearing.]

That's going to do it for this week. Join me next week for live talk and music from the Grand Ole Uproar and Emily Stewart and Baby Teeth. Until then, take care.

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  • At 12:33 PM, June 17, 2011, Anonymous Harlan said…

    LOVE that Jellyfish album. And Frank Turner is fantastic also...check out his EP "Campfire Punkrock" if you haven't already. Great stuff (all of his stuff is, really).


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