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Friday, June 10, 2011

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 8th June 2011

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. I'm back in my normal 6pm - 8pm on Wednesday slot, though I will also be sitting in for the 5 o'clock Democracy Now slow during the summer as well. You won't hear me on the air during that time, but I'll be at the station all the same getting stuff set up for the regular show.

This week's show was a lot of fun and is a pretty great slab of things, both new and old, so let's get to it. Onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 8th June 2011 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Battles - "Ice Cream" [from gloss drop, their latest which dropped this week. the video for this song is, well, pretty unique. well worth watching. and i'm digging the song.]
Hammer No More the Fingers - "Shark" [from black shark. i guess it might be about time to retire this record for now, but i'm telling you, keep an ear out for this on my end-of-the-year list for sure.]
Wye Oak - "Civilian" [the title track from their latest. another album bound for the best-of year end list.]
the Didjits - "Gold Eldorado" [from hornet pinata. if you have never listened to the didjits, you should. if you did and didn't like them, try again. if you did and do like them, good job.]
My Morning Jacket - "Holdin on to Black Metal" [from circuital. i'll be honest. i've been kind of lukewarm on MMJ for awhile. at dawn is my favorite album of theirs and nothing since, especially the last two albums, have grabbed me as well. this song, however, may go a long way to changing my mind. we'll hear more.]
the Beastie Boys - "Tadlock's Glasses" [from hot sauce committee part two. we're going to hear more from the first new non-instrumental beasties record in..what..7 years? but this is a nice beginning.]
the Clash - "Rudy Can't Fail" [by request. from london calling. a couple of requests from the twitter and this one specifically requested in order to be a pick-me-up. understandable.]
the Plimsouls - "Everyday Things" [by request. from their 1981 self-titled debut. i need to dig into some more plimsouls as i've only ever listened to everywhere at once, but this is a good start.]
Fucked Up - "Running on Nothing" [from their new david comes to life. so the reviews of this new record have been nothing short of glowing and my initial (shallow) listens have been really good. we'll hear a lot more i'm sure.]
Super Deluxe - "She Came On" [from famous. one of my favorite 90s one-hit wonders. just a great power-pop song.]
Kurt Vile - "Baby's Arms" [from smoke rings for my halo. an album i still need to spend a lot more time with, for sure, but really good.]
the Mountain Goats - "This Year" [by request from the sunset tree. sadly i didn't have my copy of the new album with me, but at least i could put on one of my favorite old mountain goats songs to give the caller a taste of the band.]
the Raveonettes - "Forget That You're Young" [from raven in the grave. i've enjoyed the raveonettes from their first album, but i also sort of checked-out on them for awhile. 2009's in and out of control changed that, though, as it was packed with awesome songs and damn if this new one isn't the same.]
Vic Chesnutt - "Degenerate" [from about to choke. this song was one of the first to truly draw me into chesnutt's work.]
Art Brut - "Is Dog Eared" [from brilliant! tragic! a little long for radio play, but one of the best from the new album, for sure.]
Daniel Hutchens - "Underground Cafe, 1923" [from love songs for losers. this was the first record released on aquarium drunkard's autumn tone record label and it still holds up as a great set of songs from the bloodkin frontman.]
Bon Iver - "Perth" [from the self-titled sophomore album that dropped this week. check out my review over at aquarium drunkard.]
Beth Orton - "She Cries Your Name" [from trailer park. my mind wanders all over the place with my music knowledge sometime and my tweet during this song is reflective of that, though i was somewhat off. i thought i remembered william orbit working on this album - electronic flourishes and all - but really he just worked with beth orton on some one-off things around the same time. still - electronic music as the 'next big thing' in the 90s still seems odd.]
Steve Earle - "Meet Me in the Alleyway" [from i'll never get out of this world alive. i know i played this last week, but since the podcast didn't work, i thought i'd fire it up again.]
Fountains of Wayne - "Radiation Vibe" [from their self-titled debut. hadn't played anything off this record in awhile. next week, "survival car!" they have a new album dropping in august. exciting.]
the Felice Brothers - "Fire at the Pageant" [from celebration, florida. the lead track and probably the best radio single, but i'm digging this album. i like new directions.]
the Emergency - "Hey Whoopy Cat" [from doo-lang doo-lang. oh, power-pop west virginians, how i do miss thee.]
the Damnwells - "Kiss Catastrophe" [from bastards of the beat. going back to their debut for a bit of power-pop delight. okay. i've used the phrase power-pop too much tonight. i'm done.]
the Rosebuds - "Second Bird of Paradise" [from loud planes fly low. enjoying the new record. my review of it will be up at aquarium drunkard next week along with an interview with the band.]
the Pains of Being Pure at Heart - "Belong" [the title track from their latest. man. i loved their debut a lot, but this new one is tremendous. we'll keep hearing more.]
Slim Dunlap - "Girlfriend" [from times like this, his second solo record. i need to write these up for aquarium drunkard sometime. great albums both.]
Fleet Foxes - "Lorelai" [from helplessness blues. one of the bands i'm most looking forward to seeing at the pitchfork festival in july. can't even imagine what this stuff is like live.]
Greater Pacific - "Your History" [from rainfall. lovely stuff from members of the excellent travel by sea.]
Thurston Moore - "Illuminine" [from demolished thoughts. another great song from a great album which i reviewed last week.]

That'll do it for J's Indie/Rock Mayhem this week. I'll be back next week with Ryan Snyder of YES Weekly, freshly returned from the trenches of Bonnaroo, to talk about a couple of new albums and his experiences at the fest. Until then, take care.



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