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Thursday, July 21, 2011

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 20th July 2011

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Tonight's show was packed with awesome new stuff and some fantastic old classics as well. I had fun digging through the archives leading up to this week and didn't even get to everything. That's usually the mark of a good week.

Ryan Snyder from YES Weekly will be joining us next week for Indie/Rock Roundtable, so make sure you tune in and see if we manage to disagree on another album next week or not. Now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 20th July 2011 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Fucked Up - "Ship of Fools" [from david comes to life. i probably will not stop speaking in superlatives about this record for awhile. truly one of this year's best albums so far.]
Richard Hell and the Voidoids - "Love Comes in Spurts" [from blank generation. this was so perfect after "ship of fools." i felt like this opening set was pretty awesome segue wise.]
Obits - "I Want Results" [from moody, standard and poor. more from their latest which, too, is really quite good. best album title of the year, no doubt.]
Jim Ford - "I'm Gonna Make Her Love Me" [from harlan county. this was up over at aquarium drunkard the other week and it was a funky way to wind this up. dig.]
the Men - "Bataille" [from leave home. i'm still wrapping my head around this record. it's one of the noisier things i've listened to in awhile, but it grooves in enough spots and there's enough change up on the album that i think i like it. we'll hear more.]
the Replacements - "More Cigarettes" [from sorry ma forgot to take out the trash. don't know why this ended up in my head the other week, but here it is. any excuse for a 'mats song, i say.]
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - "Alabama Pines" [from here we rest. i don't know what it was when i heard isbell do this live earlier this summer, but i was really sold on this song in a way i hadn't been before. fantastic.]
R.E.M. - "Begin the Begin" [from life's rich pageant and, specifically, the new 25th anniversary remastered edition. good classic stuff.]
They Might Be Giants - "Can't Keep Johnny Down" [from join us. the newest record from TMBG is surprisingly good considering i kind of checked-out on these guys about a decade ago. going to see them in september in asheville at the orange peel.]
Blur - "Pop Scene" [from modern life is rubbish. a bit of a lag in the segue here - should've hit play sooner - but this is one of those great, blur rave-ups.]
Sloan - "The Answer Was You" [from the double cross. seriously. this is one of the best power pop records in ages. how good can sloan get in their older years? apparently ridiculously good.]
Psychic TV - "The Orchids" [from dreams less sweet. i read an interview at the av club with genesis p-orridge this week that was, to say the least, fascinating, so i thought i'd drag out one of my favorite songs in the world. i need to listen to more psychic tv.]
Real Estate - "It's Real" [from days. from their forthcoming album. i'm really liking this song so we'll be hearing more when the album drops.]
Pulp - "The Fear" [by twitter request from a few weeks ago. from this is hardcore. middle-age has rarely sounded as eerie and dreadful.]
the Wombats - "Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)" [also by twitter request. from this modern glitch. i haven't paid much attention to this band, but this was a fun song.]
Whiskeytown - "Kiss and Make Up" [a demo version of a song that showed up on the strangers almanac reissue the other year, but this is different even from that one. oh, ryan adams, i miss you.]
Fountains of Wayne - "Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart" [from the forthcoming sky full of holes. i like this better than "richie and ruben," though we'll have to hear more. hoping for a bit of a recovery from the decent-but-less-than-stellar traffic and weather.]
Dare Dukes - "Kick + Holler" [from the prettiest transmitter of all. an artist i got to meet down in athens this year and this is from his 2008 record.]
Estrangers - "White Flower" [a new band from over in winston-salem featuring philip pledger of caleb caudle and the bayonets. i'm really digging on this song and if you are too, go grab it from their bandcamp site.]
the Tragically Hip - "Chagrin Falls" [from phantom power. this has long been my favorite hip record - weird, truly as it isn't one of their most highly lauded, but it's the one that got me into them, i like the recording itself and it's a strong set of songs.]
Hooray for Earth - "True Loves" [the title track from their new album. man, can this record get any better? we'll be hearing more.]
Josh Ritter - "Good Man" [from the animal years. i need to read josh's new book that just came out. has anyone snagged a copy yet? bright's passage i think is the name.]
Jolie Holland - "Your Big Hands" [from the living and the dead. jolie is playing a couple of shows in the area soon including at local 506 in chapel hill on saturday, july 30th. hope to catch her.]
the Lemonheads - "Rudderless" [from it's a shame about ray. october 2nd at the cat's cradle, they'll be playing this album in its entirety. can. not. wait.]
Roadside Graves - "Outside" [from we can take care of ourselves. the album is out and there's a fantastic review up at aquarium drunkard as well.]
Fleet Foxes - "Sim Sala Bim" [from helplessness blues. this could vie for my album of the year. it's just really something, isn't it?]
William Elliott Whitmore - "One Glass at a Time" [over at aquarium drunkard, they've also kicked off the lagniappe series where artists record exclusive covers of songs by their influences for post. it kicks off with william elliott whitmore doing this red meat song and a johnny cash cover. head over there and grab them both.]
Phil Cook and His Feat - "Ballad of a Hungry Mother" [from hungry mother blues. a lovely little bit of instrumental goodness from this megafaun member's solo debut.]
Tom Waits - "Romeo is Bleeding" (live) [from his performance on austin city limits back in 1979. i saw this when i was in high school and it blew my mind.]

That'll do it for this week. We'll be back next week with the Indie/Rock Roundtable and more great new and classic music. Until then, take care.



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