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Monday, July 04, 2011

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 29th June 2011

[Welcome to another episode of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Sorry for the delay in posting this week - the holiday took me to the mountains and, thus, away from the internet. Not bad to step away for a bit. I also realize I forgot to include any July 4th songs this week. Then again, the holiday was placed oddly compared to the show. Though I think next year July 4th will fall on Wednesday thanks to the Leap Year, so you can look forward to a July 4th spectacular of some variety next year. You're welcome in advance.

Now, though it's a bit late, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 29th June 2011 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Beastie Boys - "Make Some Noise" [from hot sauce committee pt. 2, their latest, and this is the song featured in the full length fight for your right short film. here's the video for the song itself, which uses footage from the short film.]
Public Image Ltd. - "Swan Lake" [from second edition. not a record i break out a lot, but, for my money, one of the most original and challenging records of the rock and roll age. maybe it's a sign of getting older (it is), but the older i get, the more i believe PiL's work to have been more influential on rock than the sex pistols. it's something i think about a lot - how important were the pistols? - and maybe it's just a sign of me getting older and not blasting nevermind the bollocks very often anymore.]
Obits - "You Gotta Lose" [from moody, standard and poor, their latest. more great rock and roll. admittedly, i miss hot snakes, but obits makes me missing them a lot easier to take.]
Liz Phair - "Supernova" [from whipsmart. "supernova" is, if anything, a great aping of big dumb rock songs about that perfect woman that were so common throughout rock's history. "your lips are sweet and slippery / like a cherub's bare, red ass?" liz has a sense of humor. if only that had been what she was doing with her last few records...]
Art Brut - "Lost Weekend" [from the new brilliant! tragic! the first two art brut records are far superior to their third and fourth, but there's still a good bit to like about this new one. i already like it a good bit more than art brut vs. satan.]
Let's Active - "Talking to Myself" [by twitter request from big plans for everybody. this was the first let's active record after the departure of sara romweber and the beginning of let's active's studio centered existence, but still some amazing stuff from one of southern indie rock's most unfairly overlooked bands.]
the Asteroid No. 4 - "The Unknown" [from hail to the clear figurines. some interesting psych-pop rock material that we'll probably hear more from.]
Adam Daniel - "Her Shake" [from one of only two albums released by this excellent power-popster, blue pop. this is truly one of my favorite pop songs of all time. just flawless from beginning to end.]
Battles - "My Machines" [from gloss drop and on this song featuring the vocals of the one and only gary numan. if i see gary numan vocals on most anything, i'm game for it. love that man.]
Jim White - "A Perfect Day to Chase Tornados" [from wrong-eyed jesus, his debut. still one of my favorite songs by jim. can't wait for his new album when it gets finished and out.]
the Rosebuds - "Come Visit Me" [from loud planes fly low, their excellent new album. merge records is on a roll, per usual.]
Uncle Tupelo - "Moonshiner" [from march 16-20, 1992. this is, to me, the most haunting song from this album and i love their take on this traditional song. and it's what cemented this album as a defining one for this band.]
Beirut - "East Harlem" [from the forthcoming the rip tide which will be out in august. i'll tell you that beirut are consistently one of the best live bands i've seen. doesn't look like they're coming this way on their fall tour for the record though, sadly.]
Weezer - "Tired of Sex" [from pinkerton. i had this song stuck in my head the other week and realized how long it'd been since i'd played weezer on the show (my blog search says not since 2003 - really?) and, of course, it would only be something off the first two albums. so there.]
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - "Senator" [from the forthcoming mirror traffic. i'm pretty excited about this album, i must say. here's hoping it's as good as this single seems to promise.]
R.E.M. - "Monty Got a Raw Deal" [from automatic for the people. since i had been down in athens, georgia for athfest the previous weekend, thought i'd pay homage to a great athens landmark, thanks to the boys in r.e.m. i did have some chicken and gravy, collards and squash casserole at weaver d's fine foods.]
Roadside Graves - "Hank Williams" [from the really excellent new album we can take care of ourselves, based on s.e. hinton's novel the outsiders. hate that i missed both of their n.c. shows this past week while i was in athens, but hopefully they'll be back.]
Sleater-Kinney - "All Hands on the Bad One" [the title track from their fifth album. this album often gets overlooked in the s-k canon, but damnit, this record is great and, for my money, far better than one beat and even out-nudges the hot rock. so there.]
Five Eight - "Sad Eyes" [from your god is dead to me now. one of my favorite live performances at athfest. this was their opening number, too. just fantastic. come to north carolina, guys!]
PJ Harvey - "A Perfect Day Elise" [from is this desire? i remember loving this single a lot back when this album was released, but had never picked up the album. fixed that this past week and here we go.]
Jill Andrews - "The Mirror" [the title track from her debut LP. she is formerly of the excellent the everybodyfields, so we'll look forward to hearing more from the album.]
the Decemberists - "June Hymn" [from the king is dead. watch for it on my year-end list because it's going to be there. just saying.]
Howe Gelb and Band of Gypsies - "Uneven Light of Day" [from alegrias. i'm a big fan of most anything involving howe gelb and from what i've heard of this album, it's the same. we'll have to hear more.]
Semisonic - "Gone to the Movies" [from feeling strangely fine. i love this song quite a bit and it's long been a favorite. a great, great record.]
All Tiny Creatures - "Tine Feature" [from harbors which came out earlier this year on the excellent hometapes records label. this song has the guys from megafaun adding vocals. bet you could probably hear that already.]
X - "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" [from under the big black sun. this is where i should have played "4th of july" this year, i suppose. next week.]
Jonny Polonsky - "Love Lovely Love" [from hello my name is jonny. power pop in its purest form because jonny just kind of disappeared after a bit, even though he has at least two records out. great song.]

That'll do it for this week. Come back next week for more fantastic new and classic music. Until then, take care.



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