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Friday, December 02, 2011

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 30th November 2011

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Sorry I didn't get last week's Thanksgiving Eve show up, though if you'd like to take a fun listen, check it out here. I'm not going to post a playlist - it's more fun that way anyway.

The end of the year stuff is coming up soon - on Wednesday, December 14th we'll have the Top Singles of the Year show and probably the last episode of Indie/Rock Roundtable as we look back at the year in music with YES Weekly's Ryan Snyder and, possibly, Mad Dog of the Friday Night Rock Party here on WQFS. Then on Wednesday, December 21st, it's the 10th annual J's Indie/Rock Mayhem Top 25 Albums of the Year, the best stuff you've heard on the show all year. For real. Make sure you catch both of those excellent shows.

Now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 30th November 2011 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Tom Waits - "Get Lost" [another of the great songs off of bad as me. am i alone in thinking this is a truly stellar record? have enjoyed it so much more than anything since mule variations - not including the orphans box set because that thing was just too good for words.]
Catherine Wheel - "Crank" [from chrome. ah, catherine wheel. you really did have quite a run. a much better band than they are remembered for.]
John Doe - "Don't Forget How Much I Love You" [from keeper. i haven't quite taken to this album the way i have previous albums by doe in this past decade - a year in the wilderness was especially fantastic - but it's still got some great songs on it.]
Destroyer - "European Oils" [from rubies. probably my favorite destroyer song of all time and my second favorite single of 2006 from my number one album of that same year.]
Los Campesinos! - "By Your Hand" [from hello sadness. this is a pretty kickin' opening song, so maybe we'll hear some more as we go along.]
the Gun Club - "Ghost on the Highway" [from fire of love. i meant to play "she's like heroin to me" which, let's face it, is one of the best songs of all time, period. but i landed on the wrong track and got this barn burner instead. oh, well.]
St. Vincent - "Chloe in the Afternoon" [from strange mercy. really enjoying this record, so we'll see how or if it ends up on the year-end list.]
Smashing Pumpkins - "Snail" [from gish which got the big 20th anniversary reissue treatment this week, along with siamese dream, this week. we'll be doing a big look back at this album over at aquarium drunkard later this month. ought to be sweet.]
Atlas Sound - "The Shakes" [from parallax. i, admittedly, have not always followed deerhunter/atlas sound/bradford cox that closely, but i have slowly been coming to understand why people love this stuff so much.]
the Replacements - "I Will Dare" [one of the many songs i played at my wedding reception this past weekend and decided to stick on the show tonight.]
Dare Dukes and the Blackstock Collection - "Meet You at the Bus" [from thugs and china dolls. the record drops in january and dare has a christmas song out, too, that we'll have to get cued up for the christmas show.]
My Bloody Valentine - "When You Sleep" [from loveless which also saw its 20th anniversary this year. oh, indie-rock.]
Bombadil - "Laundromat" [from all that the rain promises. have enjoyed hearing this record quite a bit. a good fall record.]
Matthew Sweet - "I've Been Waiting" [from another record that turned 20 this year, girlfriend. you can head on over to the av club and see sweet talk about this song and perform a live, solo version. check it out.]
Phonte - "Gonna Be a Beautiful Night" [from charity starts at home. really have enjoyed this record. good start to a proper solo career, tigallo.]
Megafaun - "These Words" [from their self-titled album. probably bound for the top 25. who knows. mystery, people!]
Estrangers - "Sprague" [from black ballroom. which we'll hear more from. this band from winston-salem contains philip pledger of caleb caudle and the bayonets, so some great guitar work.]
Edwyn Collins - "A Girl Like You" [from gorgeous george. i enjoyed the tweet from my friend jeremy about how hearing this made him want to ditch work, go home and watch empire records. that was my first exposure to edwyn collins. what a weird time the 90s was.]
A.A. Bondy - "The Heart is Willing" [from believers. i really like this record. it's struck a pretty strong chord with me this year.]
Josh Ritter - "Right Moves" [from the historical conquests of josh ritter. another song from my wedding reception playlist.]
Thee Oh Sees - "Carrion Crawler" [from the carrion crawler ep which came out recently. good stuff.]
the Wonder Stuff - "Inertia" [from never loved elvis. a truly fantastic record from a band i've enjoyed getting to know over the years.]
Olivia Tremor Control - "A Peculiar Noise Called 'Train Director'" [from the remastered and re-issued black foliage animation music: volume one. my favorite of the two OTC albums.]
Beth Orton - "Love Like Laughter" [from central reservation. this was the first orton album i owned, despite having been following her since her debut. albums like this, purchased in high school, when i only had but so much money to spend on music at a time, really remind me of how much is lost in the instant-gratification of the internet's torrents and digital downloads. i know this is an old thing, but i'm not sure if even i, having grown up then, value music in quite the same way anymore. if i don't, i know kids growing up only knowing music in the internet age certainly don't think of music in the same way.]
Ryan Adams - "Do I Wait" [from ashes and fire. pretty solid, low-key album from messr. adams.]
Big Star - "September Gurls" [from radio city. my wife is a september gurl - so of course this was all too perfect for our reception as well.]
Pulp - "Something Changed" [from different class. something changed indeed.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week with one of the final regular shows of the year. Until then, take care.



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