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Friday, January 20, 2012

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 18th January 2012

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. This week and next I will be joined by new DJ trainees. My trainees tonight were great, as you'll hear, and they didn't do a terrible job of picking out music for the show that still fit what their show will most likely focus on. Good luck to them.

Looks like Ryan Snyder from YES Weekly will be joining us next week for Indie/Rock Roundtable, so it ought to be fun. We'll be discussing the new Nada Surf album and one other to be decided. Always a good time with Ryan visiting.

This week's show was a really enjoyable one, too, so let's get to it. Onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 18th January 2012 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Nada Surf - "The Moon Is Calling" [from the forthcoming the stars are indifferent to astronomy, it's great to hear the boys back with their first album of original material since 2008. this record sounds just gorgeous, too. we'll hear more.]
Paul Westerberg - "High Times" [from the grandpaboy half of 2002's stereo/mono. still a great listen.]
Hospitality - "Eighth Avenue" [from their forthcoming self-titled album out on merge. quite a solid record.]
Mary Lou Lord - "Lights Are Changing" [from got no shadow. since i played some bevis frond last week, i thought i'd go back to one of my favorite covers of the frond, done by their biggest stateside champion, mary lou lord.]
Kathleen Edwards - "Empty Threat" [the lead track from her latest, voyageur, which just came out this week. enjoying the album quite a bit. she'll be at the cat's cradle on tuesday, january 31st.]
Bash and Pop - "Tiny Pieces" [from friday night is killing me. tommy stinson's first post-replacements band which, sadly, only made one album. it's a humdinger, though.]
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan - "Queens" [from YT // ST, an EP released late last year. really enjoying the record so far, so we'll hear more.]
Yo La Tengo - "Tom Courtenay" [from electr-o-pura. got this song stuck in my head the other week and just had to exorcise it. one of my favorites.]
Lower Dens - "Brains" [a very early released track from the forthcoming nootropics which will be released in early may. excited to hear more of this band following 2010's excellent debut.]
Verbena - "Six White Horses" [from verbena is the alabama boys choir. got a caller who called up to rave about how he had to crank up his stereo for this song. i agree. i always do, too.]
Bears - "Eleven A.M." [from greater lakes. this is the only song i've heard from this bunch so far, but i really dig it. we'll hear more.]
Frank Black - "Hang On To Your Ego" [a cover of the brian wilson-penned classic from his self-titled debut solo album.]
Lee Ranaldo - "Off The Wall" [from the forthcoming between the times and the tides. good to hear some of ranaldo's solo stuff. always enjoyed his songs on the sonic youth records.]
the Teardrop Explodes - "Ha Ha I'm Drowning" [from kilimanjaro. julian cope was always an influence on jarvis cocker (and you can hear it in his singing). this is a great record that doesn't get talked about nearly enough.]
Guided by Voices - "Waves" [from let's go eat the factory. this one is a tobin sprout penned song and it's a winner, definitely. how are y'all enjoying the classic GBV lineup on record again?]
Elastica - "Stutter" [from their self-titled debut. i'll rave about this record until my dying days, i'm sure.]
Bowerbirds - "Tuck The Darkness In" [from the forthcoming the clearing. good to hear new music from this excellent north carolina band.]
Iron and Wine - "Bird Stealing Bread" [the first pick of my trainees, from the debut album the creek drank the cradle. always enjoy when trainees go pick out CDs that i wrote the review of from my year as head music-director, too.]
Motorama - "Empty Bed" [a single from a band i'm not familiar with, but love that deep voice crooning on the singer. we'll hear more.]
the Corin Tucker Band - "1,000 Years" [from the 1,000 years record that came out in 2010. good stuff.]
Dare Dukes and the Blackstock Collection - "Crooked Mouth" [from thugs and china dolls. dare and his band will be at the casbah in durham next monday night, january 23rd. ought to be a fun show.]
Indigo Girls - "Get Out The Map" [from shaming of the sun. another pick by one of my trainees. getting a feel for their show?]
Shana Falana - "Tragic" [from the in the light EP. got this randomly in my inbox this week and it's pretty interesting. we'll hear more.]
Public Image Ltd. - "Seattle" [from happy? tracked this song down specifically after reading michael azerrad's our band could be your life about a decade ago. if you've read it, you should know why. great song.]
Royal Baths - "Darling Divine" [from better luck next life. a pretty good song and hopefully we'll hear more.]
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - "No One Is (As I Are Be)" [by request, from mirror traffic. a pretty little thing. i like.]
the Lemonheads - "Great Big No" [from the hotel sessions, a record released last year that documents a bunch of hotel room demos that evan dando cut solo prior to the release/recording of come on, feel the lemonheads. these stripped down versions are pretty excellent, i must say. they're going to be playing on friday, march 2nd at the blind tiger here in greensboro. exciting.]
Alex Chilton - "The EMI Song (Smile For Me)" [from the newly re-released free again: the '1970' sessions. it documents demos and recordings done by chilton at ardent studios in memphis following the dissolution of the box tops and before he helped found big star. amazing stuff. we miss you, alex.]

That'll do it for this week. Ryan Snyder from YES Weekly should be joining us next week for Indie/Rock Roundtable, plus tons of great new music. Until then, take care.



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