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Saturday, December 01, 2012

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 28th November 2012

[Well, what a long, strange trip it's been.

So, clearly I never intended for the podcast to go on hiatus for that long. I wanted it up over the summer, but a lot of personal life things sprang up and, well, that's that. And then, when WQFS got back on the air in September, I thought I'd be back quickly. No. The USB recorder and player that we used in the station was not hooked up for us to use until this week. Now it's back. And now, after three lost months worth of shows, including what was a painfully awesome Halloween one that I hate not to have on record, I'm back. Just in time for the year-end festivities.

Upcoming stuff - Wednesday, December 12th is the annual Top Singles of the Year show and Wednesday, December 19th is the annual Top 25 Albums of the Year. Mark your calendars. We should have Ryan Snyder from YES Weekly on next week for his return on Indie-Rock Roundtable and his take on his year-end list. So lots of great stuff in the coming weeks. Now, for the first time in a long time, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 28th November 2012 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Band of Horses - "Knock Knock" [from mirage rock. heard mad dog cranking this one the other week and, for whatever reason, did not recognize it as band of horses. good song.]
Yuck - "Chew" [a single released in the spring of this year that is still a pretty righteous song, i must say. i love this 90s revival stuff.]
Massive Attack - "Safe from Harm" [from blue lines. the seminal trip-hop album got a re-release this week on its 20th anniversary. great to listen to it again.]
Velvet Crush - "Why Not Your Baby" [from teenage symphonies to god. an album i certainly come back to again and again. and this gene clark cover is a big reason why.]
the Sea and Cake - "Harps" [from runner. really digging the new sea and cake. they just don't make bad records, it seems.]
10,000 Maniacs - "Scorpio Rising" [from the wishing chair. one of the more rockin' 10,000 maniacs songs ever released. a great album, too. worth checking out if you always thought they were a bit soft.]
Caleb Caudle - "Cicadas & Hydrangeas" [from tobacco town. caleb played his last local show of the year at the garage in winston-salem last night and it was a hoot.]
the Replacements - "Bastards of Young" [from tim. do i even need to talk about this song? it's just tremendous.]
the Evens - "Sooner or Later" [from the odds. sometimes, you don't realize how much you miss ian mackaye's guitar and voice until you finally, six years later, hear new music from ian mackaye.]
the Breeders - "I Just Wanna Get Along" [from last splash. for sierra who told me she used to blast this song over and over on her cassette copy of this album.]
T0W3RS - "Scandles" [from the wyatt EP. great NC band with their latest. they have an open invite to come on the show sometime, so i'm leaving it up to them.]
Let's Active - "Every Word Means No" [from afoot. more great NC music from the legendary band's debut EP.]
Drag Sounds - "Uh Huh (No Way)" [from feelin it. more great NC music, from the greensboro band's latest album.]
Lyle Lovett - "She's Already Made Up Her Mind" [from joshua judges ruth. thought i was doing playing lyle lovett? you were wrong. he was too good the other week and i've been listening to this album in particular quite a bit since.]
That Petrol Emotion - "It's a Good Thing" [from manic pop thrill. back in 2008, i wrote a post here about this album and it still holds true. it's just a phenomenal piece of post-punk.]
Michael Kiwanua - "I'll Get Along" [from home again. i had not paid the proper attention to this record this year. just beautiful.]
Lorelei - "Let Go of Our Ego" [from enterprising sidewalks. only the band's second album, and first in 17 years, but it's on slumberland so, i mean, it's gotta be amazing. and it is.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Something's Gotta Give" [from decoration day. the first time i saw the band was on this tour. i do often like to refer to the brief, but awesome, "fat jason" era of the band.]
Bikini Kill - "Rebel Girl" [from pussy whipped. there are two people in this world. those who understand how killer this song is and those who don't. if you're the latter, i don't envy you your worldview.]
the Heartbreakers - "Born to Lose" [from l.a.m.f. boy, i don't know the last time i played the heartbreakers on the show. let's see. looks like it was february 2010, so two and a half years. a long time without some love for these guys.]
the Walkmen - "Love is Luck" [from heaven. a record that, thanks to our hiatus this summer, didn't get much play on wqfs, but man, it's good.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Star Sign" [from bandwagonesque. i'm going to go ahead and say it. i really struggle with this album. so many people rave about it, but i think, at the very least, grand prix and songs from northern britain are better. it's the production. and the drums. it kinda kills it for me.]
Jessica Pratt - "Hollywood" [from her self-titled album. we might hear some more here next week. i like this song.]
the Rain Parade - "No Easy Way Down" [from explosions in the glass palace EP. love the droning nature of this song.]
Matthew E. White - "Will You Love Me" [from big inner. an official video for this was released this week, too. good timing.]
Suede - "Animal Nitrate" [from their self-titled debut. who doesn't love just how winningly sleazy and dark suede sound at their best? love it.]
Roadside Graves - "Double Feature" [from we can take care of ourselves. just a gorgeous song.]

That's going to do it for this week. I'll be back next week for more goodness. Until then, take care.


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