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Friday, January 18, 2013

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 16th January 2013

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. The new music is starting to ramp up for the year, so this is a truly spectacular show. I didn't even get to some of the new music I wanted to play, so we'll have even more next week. I'm really rather excited about this week's show - I think it gels tremendously well - so sit back and enjoy.

If you're around the Greensboro area tonight, I'm playing one of my rare live shows at the Flatiron bar on Summit Ave. I'm participating in a songwriter's night involving myself, Dillon Hodges, Josh Watson (of Greensboro's  the Grand Ol' Uproar, former Mayhem guests) and Suzanne Stafford (of Greensboro's Come Hell or High Water, future Mayhem guests, I hope) taking turns answering questions about our songwriting style, process and playing songs to boot. It kicks off at 9:30 PM sharp and there is a $5 cover at the door. For more info, check out the Flatiron's website. Hope to see you there.

Now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 16th January 2013 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Free Energy - "Electric Fever" [from love sign. saw these guys at pitchfork festival a few years ago and dug what i heard. not quite sure how i feel about the over-the-top pop of this, but we'll hear more, no doubt.]
the Happy Mondays - "Kinky Afro" [from pills 'n' thrills and bellyaches. there's just never a bad time for this song.]
Casual Curious - "'Til I Die" [a cover of the beach boys' classic, originally from surf's up. the greensboro band has this up for free download on their bandcamp page, so go get it.]
Wilco - "Monday" [from being there. monday. happy mondays. get it? or something. great song from my favorite wilco album, still.]
Benjamin Gibbard - "Bigger Than Love" [from his first solo record, former lives.  listen to me routinely mispronounce ben's last name in the podcast, which, i guess i've been doing for years. for the real pronunciation, and a great live performance, check out gibbard and aimee man doing this song on the colbert report.]
Television - "Glory" [from adventure. just a stellar song from a stellar record. no biggie.]
Dutch Uncles - "Fester" [from out of touch in the wild. so this band is from manchester - things sure have changed since the madchester days - not a bad song at all. we'll hear more.]
Sunny Day Real Estate - "Friday" [from their self-titled record, also known as LP2. alright, so who else is a sunny day fan? other than the first two, which records are worth hearing?]
Yo La Tengo - "Stupid Things" [from their new album fade. i've never heard a YLT record i disliked, but i've heard some they left me a bit bored. i hadn't really heard a truly magnificent one  in quite some time. fade is a slow grower but it just might be my favorite record of theirs since and then nothing turned itself inside out.]
Quicksand - "Fazer" [from 1991's slip. heard this week that quicksand is back together. craziness. so here's something from their debut LP.]
Totally Slow - "Acid Rain" [the title track from their debut EP. these greensboro rockitects (get it?) made a video for this song. go check it out.]
Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf - "Red Light Green Light" [from big shots. since i played the egyptian lover song last week that this song samples, thought i would play this song this week. love this record. if you've never heard it and are a fan of late 80s/early 90s hip-hop, it's a gem well worth seeking out.]
Wooden Wand - "Dungeon of Irons" [from blood oaths of the new blues. this, more than anything else i played this week, got the most facebook comments. people are digging this album. i am, too.]
Gary Numan - "This Wreckage" [from telekon. last week's request fulfilled! this was the first numan record i ever owned and it still has a very special place in my heart.]
California X - "Pond Rot" [from their self-titled debut. another band from amherst, mass. who else is from there? why, dinosaur jr., of course. and these guys owe a bit of a debt. i think you can hear it.]
the Flaming Lips - "Kim's Watermelon Gun" [from clouds taste metallic. still my favorite flaming lips record. and this song in particular is a reason why.]
Frightened Rabbit - "State Hospital" [from their forthcoming album, pedestrian verse, which will be out on february 5th. again, mea culpa on podcast info. it is not early march. i'm on a roll lately. ]
Slim Dunlap - "Radio Hook Word Hit" [from times like this. this is the other dunlap song covered on the new songs for slim EP that is currently up for auction on eBay. this is the song that chris mars covers. anyone got $10,001 dollars so i can outbid that one guy? check out what's up in the series over at the songs for slim website.]
Balmorhea - "Dived" [from stranger. really digging this record a lot. this band is stellar.]
Dessa - "Mineshaft II" [from a badly broken code. dessa has a new solo record coming down the pipe, i believe, so here's one from her excellent record from a few years back.]
Christopher Owens - "Here We Go" [from his debut solo record lysandre. so i didn't even know girls had split up or whatever, but here we go, the first solo record from girls' frontman, christopher owens. liked girls an awful lot and so far i dig this. we'll hear more.]
Hayden - "Dynamite Walls" [from skyscraper national park. hayden is an artist that did a decent job earning a living in canada, but always struggled here. this is my favorite album of his and this song is the main reason. i think it's one of the most adventurous things he's ever recorded.]
100 Flowers - "All Sexed Up" [from the reissue of their one and only self-titled album from 1983. the reissue is available on vinyl from superior viaduct. we'll hear more. ]
Martin Rev - "Mari" [the lead track from the suicide member's reissued 1980 solo record also being reissued via superior viaduct.]
Toddlers - "Independence Day" [from the new 19 EP. toddlers are way interesting and we're going to hear more. this is the most rockin' song on the EP by far. the others i'll have to find the right place for on the show.]
Pere Ubu - "414 Seconds" [from lady from shanghai, their newest. if you're not a fan of pere ubu already, david thomas gets some used to, singing-voice wise, so if this is your first exposure, well, i'd be interested to hear what you think.]

That'll do it for this week. Tune in next week for more fantastic new and classic tunes. Until then, take care.


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