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Friday, January 25, 2013

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 23rd January 2013

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. So, we at WQFS have been operating out of our production room for the past month or so and on the night of my show this week, all of the final trappings were finally finished in order to move us back to our master control room. Very exciting. Unfortunately, this happened during my show and in the ensuing move, the back 15 minutes or so of the podcast were not recorded. Because there were only about six songs remaining, and because I happened to really like how the show ended, I came home and re-created the last part of the show using my own re-recorded voice breaks and mp3s of the songs I played. You'll notice a shift in the quality of the voice break recordings due to them being recorded on a microphone input into my laptop, so apologies for that. But I also included a voice break explanation about what's going on. Hopefully the songs will have the same sound quality as normal. If anything, honestly, they'd probably sound better. Or maybe the same. Who knows.

I should be on at the normal 8 PM time slot next week, though things are a bit fuzzy as we lead back into the spring semester. Bear with me here and at my Twitter feed in order to keep up to date. And, if you haven't already, if you're on Facebook, head over to the show's fan page. Click on the 'like' button and you'll receive updates about the show including previews for each week's show - something you don't get on the Twitter feed - and advance notice of upcoming interviews, events and other things going on. So check it out over on Facebook.

Now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 23rd January 2013 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Totally Slow - "Everybody Give Up" [from their acid rain EP. totally slow will be playing a few local shows in the comings weeks, including a march 2nd show at the flatiron. we'll mention the shows as we get closer.]
the Tears - "Autograph" [from here come the tears which i think i mistakenly refer to on the podcast as simply their self-titled album. this, of course, was the suede-reunion-that-wasn't-suede between vocalist brett anderson and bernard butler. and it's quite an excellent record, too.]
U.S. Girls - "Work from Home" [from the album gem which was released later last year. check out the video for the song via pitchfork. they'll be at nightlight in chapel hill on february 10th.]
the Ramones - "Howling at the Moon (Sha-la-la)" [from too tough to die, a record i think is probably the last great ramones album. it's seriously good, too.]
Cody ChesnuTT - "'Til I Met Thee" [from landing on a hundred, chesnutt's long awaited follow-up to 2002's the headphone masterpiece. i conducted an interview with him via phone that ought to be up at aquarium drunkard before too long.]
Teenage Fanclub - "When I Still Have Thee" [from 2010's shadows, a truly great song and record. i didn't realize it had been more than two years since their last record. only three more to go until a new album, most likely.]
Yo La Tengo - "Paddle Forward" [from fade which, yes, is quite an excellent record. did anyone go see them at the cat's cradle this week? how was it?]
the Wonder Stuff - "It's Yer Money I'm After, Baby" [from the eight legged groove machine. love this band. seriously worth delving into their catalogue.]
Veronica Falls - "Teenage" [the first single off their forthcoming album waiting for something to happen. both the singles i've heard off this record so far are breathtaking. we'll definitely hear more.]
Toad the Wet Sprocket - "Don't Go Away" [from 1990's pale. this (and my other favorite album of theirs, dulcinea) have held up really well for me over the years. the other records they did, not so much, but this one especially just lives in its own time and quality. great songwriting.]
Bleeding Rainbow - "Waking Dream" [from their album yeah right. really digging this song and we'll hear more. this is the band formerly known as reading rainbow. yeah, you can guess why it's formerly.]
Whiskeytown - "Dancing with the Women at the Bar" [from strangers almanac, still my favorite of their albums. i just never got into pneumonia that much. anyone else in the same boat as me?]
Foxygen - "San Francisco" [from their new album we are the 21st century ambassadors of peace & magic. longtime listeners of the show know my love of the music and hatred of the name of the band dr. dog. well, they have a new contender for those crowns. i like this band. their name is stupid. but you should listen to them. just sayin'.]
the Buzzcocks - "Harmony in my Head" [from singles going steady. always really dug this song. it's surprisingly upbeat and thoughtful for as blistering a song as it is. love those deceptive songs.]
Ra Ra Riot - "For Once" [from their latest, beta love. i let myself get turned off of bands with repetitive sounds in their name sometimes. this song isn't bad. we'll have to hear more.]
Jim White - "Sleepy Town" [from wrong-eyed jesus. one of my favorite, slow-winding and weirdly uplifting songs from that album.]
the Joy Formidable - "The Hurdle" [the welsh trio is back with their new album wolf's law. we'll definitely be hearing more from them. a great, great band.]
Sleeper - "Feeling Peaky" [from the it girl. i've been thinking of sleeper a lot lately - not sure why - so thought i'd drag this song out. one of my favorite album openers.]
Holopaw - "Infidels" [from academy songs, volume 1. dig this song and we'll have to hear more from the record.]
Tashaki Miyaki - "Unsatisfied" [from the lagniappe series over at aquarium drunkard, this l.a. band takes a spin at the replacements' classic and nails it, i think. you can download it for free over at the link.]
Ex Cops - "James" [from their album true hallucinations. looking forward to playing more off of this. digging it quite a bit.]
the Housemartins - "I Smell Winter" [from now that's what i call quite good, their b-sides collection. a winter staple around these parts.]
Toddlers - "Proposition" [from the new 19 EP. really great stuff. they're going to be playing at phuzz phest over in winston in april, the lineup was just announced this week and it looks to be another killer year. hey, toddlers, wanna be on my show some week closer to then? pretty please?]
Son Volt - "Out of the Picture" [from trace, their debut. in a lot of ways, probably my favorite song on that record. amazing stuff, still.]
Esben and the Witch - "When that Head Splits" [from wash the sins not only the face. pretty interesting and we will certainly hear more in coming weeks.]
Tall Firs - "Waiting on a Friend" [from out of it and into it and no it's not a rolling stones cover. pretty song though. a good match, most likely, for the jeff mangum victory lap tour now in progress as these guys are opening.]
Christopher Owens - "A Broken Heart" [from lysandre. a gorgeously low-key record. i do miss girls, though.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Get Up" from their fourth album the hot rock. i like wild flag and i like the corin tucker band, but man, the last sleater-kinney record was so good, i can't help but miss them quite a bit. ah, well.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week with more new and classic stuff, so until then, take care.


  • At 8:30 PM, January 25, 2013, Blogger Satisfied '75 said…

    Pneumonia is 3/4 great, but the bad stuff is indeed fluff.

  • At 11:12 PM, February 20, 2013, Blogger Justin said…

    I generally like Pneumonia but I reach for Strangers Almanac 8 out of 10 times when I want to hear some Whiskeytown.

    I am fairly Buzzcocks ignorant, so I enjoyed that song quite a bit too.

    Can you believe I just heard Dig Me Out for the first time only recently? Shameful, I know.

    Love that you went the extra mile and rerecorded the end of the show, by the way.


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