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Saturday, January 12, 2013

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 9th January 2013

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. This week's show is another three hour show thanks to some miscommunication and an extended set. I actually did four hours, but let's be serious, three is pushing the limits of y'all's patience, no doubt. Plus the three hours were fantastic, the fourth hour went strictly to old material. No more three hour shows for the foreseeable future - my podhosting account won't tolerate it for that matter.

Now, while the going's good, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 9th January 2013 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Babies - "Baby" [from our house on the hill. was one of my favorite single songs of 2012, so there you go. still an awesome way to kick off the show.]
Archers of Loaf - "Underdogs of Nipomo" [from vee vee. one of the great reissues of last year. love how much love merge records puts into their reissues.]
the Men - "Open Your Heart" [the title track from their latest. they have a new album coming in march and you can check out the first single, "electric," over at pitchfork.]
the Bangles - "Going Down to Liverpool" [from all over the place. love this version of a song originally written by katrina and the waves. plus, the video features leonard nimoy. what more could you want?]
Future of the Left - "Beneath the Waves An Ocean" [from the plot against common sense. love this band and love this song, too. that's all.]
Doomtree - "Bangarang" [from no kings. one of my favorite singles of last year from a pretty solid collective outing by the doomtree folks.]
Japandroids - "For the Love of Ivy" [from celebration rock. a cover of the gun club's classic from fire of love. fits right in perfectly with this album.]
Fucked Up - "Ship of Fools" [from david comes to life. one of 2011's great albums and this track still knocks me off my feet.]
the Coup - "Strange Arithmetic" [from sorry to bother you. as an educator, i happen to really dig this song. hits at home at what i think a lot more educators should be doing and what i hope i do on some small level.]
Apex Manor - "The Party Line" [from the year of magical drinking. the bridge of this song still just levels me. too perfect.]
the Evens - "Wanted Criminals" [from the odds. one of the most fugazi-esque of tracks from the new album. it's unfair, really. it gets my hopes up for a new fugazi album even still.]
Blur - "Death of a Party" [from their self-titled album. one of my all-time favorite blur songs from what has, increasingly, become my favorite album of theirs.]
Father John Misty - "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings" [from fear fun. my number three album of last year and a truly excellent song.]
Homeboy Sandman - "Soap" [from subject: matter. haven't played homeboy sandman on the show yet and he's released an LP since this EP, but this song came up on shuffle on my mp3 player the other day and it really grabbed me in the way 90s lo-fi kitchen-sink hip-hop used to sound. i like it.]
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan - "Queens" [from yt//st. i played this song once before, but since it again came up on on my shuffle (a big inspiration for the show this week), i thought i'd play it again.]
Loudon Wainwright III - "Graveyard" [from last man on earth. another shuffle song and one my favorite wainwright records. written after his mother's death, it's a beautiful rumination on life and death and family and a lot of other things. well worth hearing if you never have.]
AC Newman - "Do Your Own Time" [from shut down the streets. actually heard this playing in an old navy the other day. having grown up in the age still in the wake of ideas of DIY and "selling out," things like that still rub me weird, but it's a new day and i don't begrudge anyone making a dollar with their music anymore. though i wonder - how much do artists get paid for ending up on store stereo playlists? or do they?]
Egyptian Lover - "What is a DJ if He Can't Scratch?" [from on the nile. later sampled on charizma and peanut butter wolf's "red light green light." love egyptian lover so much.]
Nite Jewel - "In the Dark" [from one second of love. another shuffle song and man do i dig this record the more i listen to it.]
the Bee Gees - "Marley Purt Drive" [from odessa. i know i laugh a bit on the podcast talking about 'name that band' with this song, but it's so far from everyone's broad perception of the bee gees that it makes me laugh. great song, great album.]
Kelly Hogan - "Dusty Groove" [from i like to keep myself in pain. i feel bad that i didn't get this album on the show during last year, but i do like kelly hogan quite a bit, so here's trying to make up for it.]
PJ Harvey - "In the Dark Places" [from let england shake. another shuffle song from her excellent most recent album.]
Balmorhea - "Fake Fealty" [from stranger. you know i don't play a ton of instrumental music on the show, but this new balmorhea record is stellar. saw them at hopscotch the first year and they were just tremendous live as well.]
Stereolab - "Analogue Rock" [from transient random-noise bursts with announcements. i tweeted that i was a bit ashamed that  haven't listened to stereolab really in my life, so here's trying to make up for that as well.]
Wooden Wand - "Supermoon (The Sounding Line)" [from blood oaths of the new blues. know the name of this band more than their previous work, but i like this song and we'll probably hear some more off the new one.]
De La Soul - "Ego Trippin' (Part Two)" [from buhloone mindstate. my de la soul obsession of the last few weeks rolls on. love this song.]
Drag Sounds - "Cryentology" [from feelin it. mark, who drums on this recording but now plays bass for drag sounds, has told me that the band plays virtually none of the songs from this LP anymore live and are already on to new stuff. that's what i like to hear from a rock and roll band. rock on, greensboro.]
the Association - "Windy" [from insight out. i first heard this song on probably the greatest montage (in a history of great montages) on the show breaking bad. and this is also where i should apologize for insulting anyone whose name is spelled "windy."]
the Jayhawks - "She Walks In So Many Ways" [from mockingbird time. quite a lovely little song. when this record came out, my knee-jerk feeling about it was, well, it's really good - but am i going to clamor to listen to it versus older 'classic' jayhawks records? maybe not, but i love this song.]
Michael Penn - "Figment" [from resigned. my ongoing obsession with this record continues. love this song.]
Glen Campbell - "Any Trouble" [from ghost on the canvas. one of the two songs written for campbell by paul westerberg from his last studio album. love how paul cannibalized "it's a wonderful lie" from suicaine gratifaction to put this one together, too.]
the Tragically Hip - "Vapour Trails" [from phantom power. the way gordon sings "there's nothing uglier than a man hitting his stride," is one of the most awesomely delivered lines in all of rock and roll. it gets me every time.]
Slim Dunlap - "Busted Up" [from the old new me. if you haven't read about the songs for slim benefit auctions, you need to, because they're happening next week and this is one of the dunlap originals covered by paul westerberg and tommy stinson for the EP. i want to bid. so. badly.]
Crocodiles - "Electric Death Song" [from endless flowers. one of my favorite songs from their excellent album from last year. this didn't end up on my year end list, did it? a shame.]
Gary Numan/Tubeway Army - "Down in the Park" [from replicas. so apparently frank and i are playing similar songs as he played this earlier in the week on WQFS. had a caller who said he told all his friends to shut up when this came on because it might be the last time he hears gary numan on the radio. tune in next week!]
Art Brut - "Bad Comedian" [from brilliant! tragic! i didn't give this album much of a chance as, honestly, i've been less than enthused by art brut's last couple of albums, but there are gems (see "is dog eared" from the same record) and this is one of them. a weird little cousin to pulp's "bad cover version," maybe.]
Josh Ritter - "Golden Age of Radio" [the title track from his second album. always one of my favorites of josh's catalogue. josh, i see you're playing in asheville later this year, but how 'bout a show in greensboro? i know the blind tiger would love to have you.]
Hammer No More the Fingers - "Steam" [from black shark. just a tremendous song from a tremendous record and i can't say enough about it, even two years later.]
Joy Division - "Means to an End" [from closer. inspired by someone i saw actually wearing a joy division shirt the other day. here's to you, random girl with the unknown pleasures cover art on your shirt. for the record, she, too, like me, prefers closer.]
Lou Reed and John Cale - "Style it Takes" [from songs for drella. i played something off of this the other week in a non-recorded part of the show. but this record, recorded in memory of and about andy warhol, is a pretty great listen for reed/cale fans.]
Meat Puppets - "Swimming Ground" [from up on the sun. another shuffle song. love this album.]
Vashti Bunyan - "I'd Like to Walk Around in Your Mind" [from another diamond day. an unreleased acetate recording from the cd reissue of this album. love hearing all the crackling and hiss. so warm.]

That'll do it for this week. Next week's show will be back in the 8 PM time slot, so tune in for more goodness and until then, take care.


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