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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 13th February 2013

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. We're in the middle of two weeks of training schedule for the spring semester - so this week I will again be on at 6 PM EST instead of 8 PM. I was joined this past week by the awesome John whose new show you should definitely keep your ears out for wherever he ends up on our schedule. John already does his own podcast and you should take a listen over at The Mixed-Fruit Musical Melee. He'll be a great addition to our DJ lineup.

Next show, I'll be joined by Ryan Snyder from YES Weekly for the Indie/Rock Roundtable. We're going to be discussing new releases from Jim James and North Carolina's own Mount Moriah, so make sure you tune in. Plus, in two weeks, Caleb Caudle and Haley Dreis will be joining us on the eve of their U.S. tour. Always a pleasure to have Caleb stop by and it'll be great to welcome Haley for the first time as well.

Now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 13th February 2013 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Foals - "Bad Habit" [from their new album holy fire. i've never listened a lot to them, but i like this song alright.]
Girls Against Boys - "Disco 666" [from house of gvsb. man, i tell you, i'd love to see these guys live again. even though i didn't see them until they were touring that last album of theirs - which was okay - they were still amazing live.]
Yo La Tengo - "Paddle Forward" [from fade, their latest. very good stuff. you can check out my review of the album over at aquarium drunkard.]
Ash - "Girl from Mars" [from 1977. the show was on ash wednesday so, you know, i played some ash. get it?]
Veronica Falls - "Buried Alive" [from the excellent waiting for something to happen which is bound for way up my singles and album list this year.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Ironclad" [from all hands on the bad one. i probably got my sleater-kinney jones out of the way for awhile, but when older bands surface for multiple weeks on the show, you can really tell what i've been listening to at home.]
Local Natives - "Heavy Feet" [the first single off of hummingbird. good stuff and we'll hear more.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Feb 14" [from a blessing and a curse. since valentine's was the next day, there are a few valentines songs sprinkled throughout the show.]
Frightened Rabbit - "Backyard Skulls" [from pedestrian verse. the more i listen to this album, the more i really dig it. it might just be their best yet.]
Graham Parker - "Local Girls" [from squeezing out sparks. great rock and roll, period.]
Bill Times a Billion - "Friends Want Hope" [from their say it nicer EP which you can download for free over at their bandcamp page. good stuff.]
Tommy Keene - "Long Time Missing" [from isolation party. power-pop majesty. what other tommy keene records ought i get my ears on? my knowledge is a bit limited.]
Hayden - "Blurry Nights" [from his new album us alone. this totally snuck up on me as i had no clue he had a new one coming, plus i had missed his 2009 record. i feel bad as i listened to that one and it's fantastic. this new one we'll definitely hear more from.]
Matthew Sweet - "Giving It Back" [from 100% fun. just big power pop. what else? such a great song.]
P.O.S. - "How We Land" [from we don't even live here and featuring bon iver's justin vernon on vocals as well. just a solid, solid song from a great artist.]
the Replacements - "Valentine" [by request from pleased to meet me. i felt silly for having not thought of playing this before the show, but luckily frank called up and fixed me. thanks, frank.]
Redd Kross - "Choose to Play" [from last year's awesome researching the blues. they're going to be at king's in raleigh on april 4th. get your tickets now, folks.]
the Buzzcocks - "Ever Fallen in Love" [from singles going steady. valentines, you know.]
the Ruby Suns - "Kingfisher Call Me" [from christopher. enjoying this record a good bit, though it's a slow grower for me.]
That Petrol Emotion - "A Million Miles Away" [from manic pop thrill. seriously, if you've never heard this album and you're a fan of post-punk in general, it's a must.]
Wooden Wand - "Supermoon (The Sounding Line)" [from blood oaths of the new blues, the fantastic new record from this band. we'll hear more during the year, no doubt.]
Supergrass - "Bad Blood" [from diamond hoo ha. i wasn't as big on this last supergrass album, but just the fact that john brought some supergrass to play should tell you his taste is in the right place.]
Camper Van Beethoven - "Come Down the Coast" [from la costa perdida, their latest of the reunion records. good stuff.]
the Flaming Lips - "Turn It On" [by request. from transmissions from the satellite heart. got a big hearty thank you for playing this one, exposing a dad's son to more of the band. just doing my part for the kids.]
Madeline Mandrala - "Blood Brother" [from the cloud EP. you can download it for free from her bandcamp page and it's a pretty interesting record. i like this single. good pop singles will catch my ear, unsolicited, more than anything.]
Bad Religion - "Stranger Than Fiction" [the title track from 1994's album. they have a new one out, true north, but i'm going to be honest. as much as i loved this band of high school, i just don't think they've got anything for me anymore. would love to be proven wrong, but i've changed and i don't know they have. oh, well.]
Cody ChesnuTT - "I've Been Life" [from landing on a hundred. if you didn't catch it over at aquarium drunkard, take a look at my interview with chesnutt. he's a super nice guy and a pretty interesting interview, too.]
School of Seven Bells - "Faded Hearts" [from their latest, the put your sad on EP. it was just announced this week that band member benjamin curtis was diagnosed with cancer. my best wishes to him and his family to a speedy remission and recovery.]

That'll do it for this week. Tune in next week as Ryan Snyder visits and we talk new music on the Indie/Rock Roundtable. Until then, take care.


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