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Saturday, February 23, 2013

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 20th February 2013

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Ryan Snyder of YES Weekly stopped by for the Indie/Rock Roundtable. We talked new music from Mount Moriah and from Jim James of My Morning Jacket, so take a listen below and enjoy. I thought our conversation was pretty good. This, essentially marks the 2 year anniversary of Roundtable, by the way. Our first was back on January 26th, 2011 where Ryan and I split over our feelings on Destroyer's Kaputt (him: thumbs down; me: thumbs up) and both enjoyed Black Pistol Fire's self-titled record. Listen to this week's podcast below and hear us briefly discuss which one of us would change our votes if we talked about those records now. I was also joined by new trainee Will who took over the board during the second hour.

Next week, I'll be joined in studio by Caleb Caudle and Haley Dreis. They'll be playing at the Garage in Winston-Salem on Friday, March 1st as the local launch to their national tour. Can't wait to have Caleb up for his fifth visit on the show and Haley for her inaugural one!

Now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 20th February 2013 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show" [i never comment on this song, i realize, but in doing some old blog reading this week, i stumbled upon the fact that i've been using this as my official theme song for more than ten years now. i always mark my BMI sheets that this is my theme song, so i do hope that peaches has gotten a fair bit of radio royalties from me over the years. this is originally from her album the teaches of peaches.]
Veronica Falls - "Teenage" [from waiting for something to happen, already on my year-end best of list..and it's february!]
Sleeper - "Nice Guy Eddie" [from the it girl. still just a phenomenal song.]
Parquet Courts - "Borrowed Time" [from light up gold. they're playing tonight at the Blind Tiger. show starts at 10.]
Toddlers - "Independence Day" [from the 19 EP. played this by mistake, but hey, hearing toddlers isn't a bad thing at all.]

[Here's where Ryan and I jumped in to talk about Mount Moriah's Miracle Temple and Jim James' Regions of Light and Sound of God. Had a good time discussing both of these with Ryan. Take a listen to the podcast to hear the nuances of each, but the end results: Mount Moriah - J. and Ryan : (tentative) thumbs up; Jim James - J. and Ryan : thumbs up.]

Mount Moriah - "Bright Light" [from miracle temple.]
Mount Moriah - "Rosemary" [from miracle temple.]
Jim James - "State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.)" [from regions of light and sound of god.]
Jim James - "Know Til Now" [from regions of light and sound of god.]
Johnny Marr - "The Right Thing Right" [from the new album the messenger. we'll hear more, but not a bad start.]
Television - "Foxhole" [from adventure. a record i will never stop loving. ever.]
Beach Fossils - "Careless" [from clash the truth. admittedly i thought this went well here because of the similarly titled song from that television album.]
Paul Westerberg - "Good Day" [from 1996's eventually. this past monday marked 18 years since the passing replacements founding member and lead guitarist bob stinson. i wrote about this song and its thematic predecessor over at aquarium drunkard this week so go check it out.]
Foxygen - "San Francisco" [from we are the 21st century ambassadors of peace & magic. love this song. will unquestionably be on my best-of singles show this year.]
the Go-Betweens - "Apology Accepted" [from liberty belle and the black diamond express. this is a band i've meant to listen to for years, but have not gotten around to until just recently and i love it. we'll hear more.]
Birds and Arrows - "Coyote" [from their new album coyotes. great north carolina music.]
Bleeding Rainbow - "Waking Dream" [from yeah right which, yeah, is a great album.]
Hayden - "Motel" [from us alone which is growing on me a good bit so far. but i'm a hayden fan, so there you go.]
the Stone Roses - "(Song for My) Sugar Spun Sister" [from their self-titled debut. alright guys. coming to north carolina on a U.S. tour...right?]
Ex Cops - "Spring Break (Birthday Song)" [from true hallucinations, another of my favorite albums of this year so far. we'll hear more.]

That'll do it for this week. We'll be back next week - though I'm not sure exactly in what time slot. I may be moving back to 6 PM EST, or I may be staying at 8 PM. I will let you know via Twitter and on the Facebook page, so make sure you check it out as Caleb Caudle and Haley Dreis will be joining us live in studio to play some tunes and talk their new tour. Until then, take care.

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