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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 30th January 2013

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. This is a special podcast because of the nasty weather we had last week and how I was interrupted no fewer than seven times by Emergency Broadcast System warnings! Those of you who caught the live stream were treated to the numerous interruptions. I have taken the liberty of removing six of the seven interruptions from the podcast version, though. Why did I leave the one in? I left the one that actually interrupted my voice break because I make a few jokes about it afterward and otherwise, well, it just wouldn't make sense. Since the EBS machine automatically takes over the station when the warnings come through, I was having to react to pause the CD players to keep from losing the song. So, while I can edit out the broadcast warnings, you're going to hear some little skips in songs as I wasn't able to stop them immediately and probably lost half a second or so of the songs that were interrupted. I'll note below which ones these skips should appear in and apologies ahead of time for that.

Now, since I'm more than a few days behind on getting this up, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 30th January 2013 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
California X - "Spider X" [from their self-titled new album. this is the first interrupted song and it comes right at the beginning - you'll probably catch it. it'll sound like a small CD skip or a similar interruption. good rock and roll though. check out the video for the song as well.]
Royal Bangs - "Grass Helmet" [from flux outside, one of my favorite records of 2011. really, really good stuff.]
FIDLAR - "White on White" [from their self-titled debut. scuzzy west-coast skater punk and really quite fun. i'm not always huge on stuff like this, but i'm diggin' it.]
Blur - "There's No Other Way" [from their debut album leisure. just as a warning - the lone warning that i left in the show appears in the voice break following this song, so the obnoxious beeping will come in at that point.]
Foxygen - "No Destruction" [from we are the 21st century ambassadors of peace & magic. another two hiccups will be in this song near the beginning and a little later as i edited out two warnings. really digging this record.]
Son Volt - "No Turning Back" [from 2009's american central dust. the new son volt album, honky tonk, is due out in early march. really dug this last record, so here's hoping it's good. supposedly it's supposed to be heavily influenced by the bakersfield sound. we'll see.]
Bleeding Rainbow - "Drift Away" [from yeah right. really, really liking this album a lot. could be bound for my year-end list. another hiccup will be right at the beginning of this one.]
the Geraldine Fibbers - "Toy Box" [from butch. i love this record and always have and if you've never heard it, it's one of those 90s records that i think everyone ought to because it's so damn good.]
Radar Brothers - "Couch" [from their new album eight which i'm really enjoying. that's all i have to say this week, it seems. but it's true.]
Guided by Voices - "Doughnut for a Snowman" [from let's go eat the factory, the first of the GBV reunion records from last year. they have a new EP out and have another LP (their fourth) due in april. sheesh. this is also the last of the interruptions, i believe. listen for the hiccup!]
the Ruby Suns - "In Real Life" [from their album christopher. pretty good song and we'll hear more. there's a weird hiccup in this song also that had nothing to do with the EBS warnings. not sure what it's about. sorry.]
Strand of Oaks - "Hard to Be Young" [from dark shores from last year. a record i should have listened to more last year, but just didn't. alas.]
Night Beds - "Ramona" [from their debut album country sleep. really, really good so far. we'll hear a lot more.]
the Smashing Pumpkins - "One and Two" [one of the bonus tracks from the huge mellon collie and the infinite sadness reissue last year. this one is sung by james iha (i assume) and so might throw some people off as to who the band is. really good song though.]
Buke and Gase - "In the Company of Fish" [from general dome. really like the song even if i'm totally unsure i'm pronouncing the name of the band correctly. and i lied. this is the final hiccup. this was the best EBS warning because it had the interrupting beeps, the long tone..then the closing beeps and that was it. no message. thanks, EBS.]
Fugazi - "Blueprint" [from repeater. glad i've been putting my mp3 player on shuffle lately and letting classic stuff find me.]
Ducktails - "The Flower Line" [the title track from their new album. another band (like bleeding rainbow, actually) who i've heard about for awhile, but haven't checked out. not bad.]
Goo Goo Dolls - "Stop the World" [from superstar carwash. not a band that i'm going to trot out a lot, but paul westerberg did co-write "we are the normal" from this record also, so that's my excuse. you know what? i used to not like the goo goo dolls, but now i do, so whatever.]
the Joy Formidable - "This Ladder is Ours" [the lead track from their latest album wolf's law. love this welsh band.]
Lucinda Williams - "Pyramid of Tears" [from por vida: a tribute to the songs of alejandro escovedo, a tremendous 2 CD set released back when escovedo was struggling with medical bills ensuing from his long battle with hepatitis C. i had a request for this particular cover the other week, so hope the requester got to hear.]
Local Natives - "Breakers" [from their second album hummingbird which finally made its appearance this past week. good to hear from this excellent band again.]
Kathleen Edwards - "Oh Canada" [from asking for flowers. with all the gun talk lately, reminded me of this song, so there you go.]
Tomahawk - "I.O.U." [from their new album oddfellows. always fun to hear mike patton's voice, no matter where it manifests.]
the Tragically Hip - "Escape is at Hand for the Traveling Man" [from phantom power, probably still my favorite tragically hip record even all these years later. sigh.]
Bill Times a Billion - "I Think We're Alone Now" [been awhile since an unsolicited twitter band got at me with something, but here you go. we'll hear some of their original music in coming weeks, but i dug this cover from their new EP say it nicer. awesome two piece band. you can download the whole EP for free over at their bandcamp page.]

That'll do it for this week. This coming week's show will get up a bit faster, certainly, and hopefully will be free of the interruptions. Until then, take care.


  • At 6:59 PM, March 02, 2013, Blogger Justin said…

    Really good mix this week. Really liking what I hear of Foxygen and Night Beds is growing on me.

    You did a great job with editing out the EBS too. Overall, though, the sound was really muddy. Unusual.


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