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Friday, February 08, 2013

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 6th February 2013

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. This week's show is really stellar as always, so let's go to it.

A few upcoming events: on February 20th, Ryan Snyder of YES Weekly will be joining us for another edition of Indie/Rock Roundtable and on February 27th, Caleb Caudle and Haley Dreis will be joining us on the eve of their version of the 'never-ending tour' across the U.S. and back later this year. This will be Caleb's fifth appearance on the show and it's always a pleasure to have him.

Now, while we can, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 6th February 2013 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
My Bloody Valentine - "Who Sees You" [from m b v. well, here it is at last, the long awaited third MBV record and...it's really quite good. worth waiting 22 years for? we'll see how it ends up in people's minds later this year.]
the Modern Lovers - "Roadrunner" [from their self-titled debut. you have to love this song. if you don't, what's wrong with you?]
Arbouretum - "Renouncer" [from coming out of the fog. some nice rock and roll. thanks to frank for tipping me on this one. we'll hear more.]
Daisy Chainsaw - "Love Your Money" [from eleventeen. i probably play this too often - as in, more than once a year - but it's such a great song and the guitars are so nasty. i love it.]
Frightened Rabbit - "The Woodpile" [from pedestrian verse. my relationship with this band has been so up and down. they blew me away when i first saw them at pitchfork fest in 2009. was really underwhelmed - with the exception of some stellar singles - by their last LP. now, they're winning me back. pedestrian verse is anthem after bloody anthem and we'll be hearing a lot more.]
Father John Misty - "Only Son of the Ladies Man" [from fear fun. i forget if i say on the podcast that there is a new video for this - was i imagining things? i cannot find it anywhere, but swear i saw that it existed. oh well.]
Radar Brothers - "Reflections" [from eight. i like this record quite a bit so far. we'll be hearing more.]
the Undertones - "Teenage Kicks" [from their self-titled debut. was thinking about these guys because of a band i play a bit later. sad you don't hear more about the undertones, really.]
Ex Cops - "Separator" [from true hallucinations. i wasn't hallucinating (hah!) about this one. there is a new video for it! check it out. NSFW, maybe? i guess i ought to label videos that way.]
Placebo - "Every You Every Me" [from without you i'm nothing. indirectly by request. i was thinking about how much i still really love this record. i haven't actively listened to them past meds, but the first two records (and their fourth - always been lukewarm on the third) are tremendous.]
Parquet Courts - "Picture of Health" [from light up gold. frank does a better job of scouring the internet than i do these days, so i keep filching from him. this is another. they're going to be at the blind tiger here in greensboro, however, on saturday, february 23rd.]
Dot Dash - "Countdown" [from winter garden light. this is the band that made me think about the undertones. former members of julie ocean (a band named after an undertones song) and this record from late last year is really quite good. you can stream the album on their bandcamp page. we'll hear more.]
Torres - "Honey" [from the self-titled album. haven't given this record a full listen yet, but i like this song. you know the drill.]
Mac Demarco - "Ode to Viceroy" [from 2. it really is all about how he says the word 'viceroy' in this song. thank you to the AV club writer who said that and got me to grab this album. can't remember which writer though. alas.]
Megan Jean and the KFB - "Martians" [from the devil herself. they're playing tonight at the flatiron here in greensboro for the album release show along with the number and yank yer blue jeans. good times.]
Interpol - "Untitled" [from turn on the bright lights. by request. i think i stand by what i said about this record a few years back. it really is still that good.]
Veronica Falls - "Tell Me" [from waiting for something to happen. speaking of things that are that good - this new album is just tremendous and we'll be hearing a ton more, for sure.]
Destroyer - "Poor in Love" [from kaputt. came up on shuffle the other week and i'd forgotten how good this album is. over time, i'd only remembered the sonic conceit of the record, but there's some awesome songs buried in its deep cuts.]
Night Beds - "22" [from country sleep. more excellent music from this new one.]
the Replacements - "Talent Show" [from don't tell a soul. the first songs for slim auction netted slim more than $100,000 toward his medical bills. truly awesome, so here's some slim-era 'mats for everyone who bid on the records or who simply (like me) wished they could afford to.]
Jim James - "A New Life" [from regions of light and sound of god. the my morning jacket front man's first solo record. i'm digging it so far.]
the Dandy Warhols - "Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth" [from come down. this was the first song by them i ever heard and it was largely thanks to the awesome video that got so much MTV play there for awhile.]
Toddlers - "Independence Day" [from their 19 EP. really enjoying their new EP and look forward to their show at phuzz phest in april.]
Mary Lou Lord - "His Indie World" [from her self-titled album. always enjoy the cleverness of this song.]
the History of Apple Pie - "Mallory" [from out of view. we'll be hearing more from this record. fantastic power pop.]
Black Books - "Favourite Place" [from aquarena EP. band from austin, texas who has a new EP out. we'll hear some more.]
Perfume Genius - "Hood" [from put your back n 2 it. sad story this week as the actor from the video for this song, arpad miklos, was found dead this week of an apparent suicide. it's a beautiful song and that's how i thought i'd close this week.]


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