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Monday, May 13, 2013

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 8th May 2013

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. A lot of great new music this week and a rare double In Memoriam here at the end of the show - which really only happened because I neglected to do one of them the previous week - so lots of great stuff in all.

I'll be joined on the next show by Matty Sheets and the Blockheads. Their new album comes out at their CD release show this Saturday, May 18th at the Flatiron here in Greensboro. Matty and Co. were on the show back in October of 2010, so it's good to have them back on the show.

Now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 8th May 2013 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Smith Westerns - "Varsity" [from their forthcoming album soft will which i am very excited about. still digging this song quite a bit. the video has also premiered so check it out.]
Dead Boys - "Sonic Reducer" [from young, loud and snotty. still one of the trashiest debut records in punk rock.]
Savages - "She Will" [from their breathtakingly great new album silence yourself which i can't say enough good things about, really.]
Sixteen Horsepower - "Brimstone Rock" [from 1997's low estate. if you've never listened to this band, do yourself a favor and go do it. right now.]
Mikal Cronin - "See It My Way" [from his new album MCII. good stuff from the ty segall collaborator. we'll hear more.]
Radiohead - "Electioneering" [from ok computer. not sure why this song got stuck in my head the other day, but it did, so there you go.]
Futurebirds - "Serial Bowls" [from the new album baba yaga. really great music from athens, georgia. although the band lives in nashville now, i think? whatever.]
Juliana Hatfield - "What a Life" [from only everything. you'll hear a weird little gap in this song. it's because i edited out a emergency broadcast system interruption that took over.]
Primal Scream - "Turn Each Other Inside Out" [from the really fantastic new album more light. we'll definitely be hearing more as it's a really solid release from the legendary band.]
the Streets - "Blinded by the Lights" [from a grand don't come for free. i talk a little bit about how my feelings about this record have changed since i named it one of the best albums of 2005, but some of the tracks do still really hold up and this is one of them.]
Twin Peaks - "Stand in the Sand" (live) [a live version of a track from their forthcoming debut on autumn tone records. this is from the rollo & grady sessions and definitely worth checking out.]
Placebo - "Scared of Girls" [from without you i'm nothing. still just a steamroller of a song. love it.]
Laura Stevenson - "Triangle" [from the new album wheel. i've really enjoyed this record quite a bit so far. we'll probably hear more.]
White Fence - "Shoot You Down" [a cover of the stone roses classic as part of aquarium drunkard's lagniappe sessions. check it out for free download.]
Steve Earle - "Burnin' It Down" [from the new album the low highway. steve earle singing about burning down a wal-mart. what else could you ask for?]
the Jayhawks - "Sound of Lies" [the title track from their 1997 album. still my favorite of theirs.]
David Bowie - "The Next Day" [the title track from his latest. the video is pretty interesting and actually was taken down late last week by you tube for images, but is back up now.]
Hot Snakes - "This Mystic Decade" [from audit in progress from 2004 which still is just a great, great album. at least there's a new obits record coming this year, i heard, yes?]
Junip - "Your Life Your Call" [from their new self-titled record.]
Kendra Smith - "Stars Are In Your Eyes" [from the guild of temporal adventurers from 1992. smith was a founding member of the dream syndicate as well as a member of opal with dave roback. her solo records are interesting, too, and she deserves way more credit for her music than she's received. check out this post at aquarium drunkard about this album.]
Frank Turner - "Losing Days" [from the new tape deck heart album. pretty good, high energy pop rock and roll. i dig it.]
R.E.M. - "New Test Leper" [from new adventures in hi-fi. really not sure why this song got stuck in my head the other day, but it did, so there you go.]
Wax Idols - "Sound of a Void" [from their new album discipline and desire. pretty good stuff and we'll hear more.]
Hiss Golden Messenger - "The Serpent Is Kind (Compared to Man)" [from the excellent new album haw. one of the best of north carolina this year so far.]
Lady Lamb the Beekeeper - "Mezzanine" [from ripley pine, just an astounding record. really hope to catch her at hopscotch this year.]
George Jones - "Why Baby Why" [when i was covering for roy and the old country store a saturday or two back, it was the week george jones died so i played this song then. i think that's why it slipped my mind for last week to pay tribute to the possum. rest in peace.]
Slayer - "South of Heaven" [even more sad was the passing of slayer's jeff hanneman who died at the age of 49. while i certainly don't play a lot of metal on the show, it'd be impossible to talk about modern, big rock and roll without the impact that slayer and their fellow thrash metal ilk have had on it. i have a much broader taste in music than i show just through this radio show, and i felt like it was important to talk about hanneman's death. rest in peace.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back on May 15th with Matty Sheets and the Blockheads live in studio. Until then, take care.

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