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Friday, June 14, 2013

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 12th June 2013

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. I was joined this week by Philip Pledger of the band Estrangers. Their album release show is tonight at the Garage in Winston-Salem. You can check out their new album streaming for free over at their Bandcamp page and can purchase the album digitally or on vinyl there as well. Below, check out the song Philip plays live as well as the interview on the podcast.

Now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 12th June 2013 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Guided by Voices - "Xeno Pariah" [from english little league. been a good run of records for the sons of dayton so far. liking this new one, too.]
Tiger Bear Wolf - "My Eyes My Vision" [from their first self-titled album. or whatever it's called. i still get confused. a great, great greensboro slab of rock and roll though.]
Surfer Blood - "Demon Dance" [from the new album pythons. i'm liking the new surfer blood quite a bit so far, so we'll hear more.]
California X - "Pond Rot" [from their self-titled debut. haven't played these guys since around when this record dropped earlier this year, but it's worth a revisit.]
Brazos - "Charm" [from their new album saltwater. like this song, though i haven't worked my way through the record yet. we'll hear more.]

[Here's where I was joined by Philip Pledger of the Winston-Salem band Estrangers. We talked about the history of the band, their new album Season of 1000 Colors, their album release show tonight at the Garage in Winston-Salem and Philip graced us with a solo performance of a song from the band's new album. Check it out.]

Estrangers - "Cape Fear" [from season of 1000 colors.]
Estrangers - "Dayzd" [from season of 1000 colors.]
Philip Pledger of Estrangers - "Monarchs" (live) [live performance of a song from the new album. click here to download.]
Estrangers - "Mrs. Bee" [from season of 1000 colors.]
Elastica - "Never Here" [from their self-titled debut. one of my favorite songs from still a truly great debut album.]
Radical Dads - "Mountain Town" [from rapid reality. caught these guys on another podcast i accidentally stumbled onto and dug it. we'll hear more.]
Superchunk - "Crossed Wires" [from majesty shredding. cannot wait to hear the new superchunk album due out later this summer.]
Josh Rouse - "Julie (Come Out Of The Rain)" [from the happiness waltz. i haven't been huge on the josh rouse records post-nashville, although subtitulo has some great songs on it. but he always throws a couple of songs on that i like and this is one of them.]
X - "In This House That I Call Home" [from wild gift. haven't played any X in awhile and since john doe is on the latest songs for slim single, it felt right to play some.]
Double Dagger - "Foreign Bodies" [from 333. this band doesn't exist anymore, but this posthumously released record is pretty good.]
Liz Phair - "Uncle Alvarez" [from whitechocolatespaceegg. oh, liz. seeing this song live made me appreciate it in a way i hadn't before. good song.]
Jason Isbell - "Elephant" [from the new album southeastern. this is already one of my favorite songs of 2013 and i knew it would draw people in as proven by the multiple phone calls i got about this after i played it. always a good sign.]
Morphine - "Murder for the Money" [from like swimming. always dug this song a lot.]
Beady Eye - "Iz Rite" [from their new album BE. so far there's not an american release date for it, but i will say it's a pretty good record and i already like it more than the first beady eye record. we'll hear more.]
The The - "The Beat(en) Generation" [from mind bomb. the the is really one of those bands you love or you just..don't get.]
Twin Peaks - "Stand in the Sand" [from their new album sunken. really digging this record a good bit.]
Paul Westerberg - "Crackle and Drag" [from come feel me tremble. well, and if you haven't heard by now, the replacements are going to be playing their first live shows in 22 years this summer at the multiple riot fests in chicago, toronto and denver. wooo, boy.]
Plates of Cake - "Late Last London" [from teenage evil. like this song, so we'll have to hear some more.]
Amity Beach - "Sunday Nights to Infinity" [a single from the band which you can grab over at their bandcamp page. pretty good.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be filling in for Frank on the Flipside this Sunday night at 6 PM EST on WQFS, so tune in on the stream if you want to catch that. Otherwise, I'll be back next Wednesday night for more new and classic goodness. Until then, take care.

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