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Monday, July 08, 2013

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 3rd July 2013

Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Lots of good stuff on this show, so we'll get to it. First, though, if you didn't see the post below this one, please take a second to read it and consider donating to the podcast. Podcasting isn't cheap necessarily - not for hosting, especially - and it's been a bit harder for me to monetarily support this wonderfully addictive habit of mine. If you enjoy the podcast and show, take a read on the post below this one and consider donating. It would mean a lot to the continued availability and success of the podcast. I appreciate you reading and considering it. I make a little pitch on the podcast, too, so bear with me.

Now, onward.

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 3rd July 2013 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Beady Eye - "Flick of the Finger" [from BE. this was the first single released off the new album over in the UK, i believe, and the album opener. good track.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Ghost to Most" [from brighter than creation's dark. one of my favorite songs from the first night of the trucker's two nights in winston the other week.]
Dessa - "Warsaw" [from parts of speech. still hate that i missed her in chapel hill earlier this year. bah.]
Kula Shaker - "Knight on the Town" [from K. i like kula shaker. you shoul, too. i think.]
Robert Pollard - "Airs" [from honey locust honky tonk. if it wasn't enough for three new guided by voices albums in the last year, here's a solo joint from uncle bob himself. pretty good song, too. we'll hear more.]
Pulp - "Sorted for E's and Wizz" [from different class. probably one of the few songs i'll play on the show with such blatant drug references. love that song though.]
Guided by Voices - "Islands (She Talks In Rainbows)" [by request. from english little league. a tobin sprout song from the latest GBV outing.]
the Replacements - "Cool Water" [from how did the vomit get on the ceiling? love this cover of this song. was on a cassette bootleg someone sent me 16 years ago and it's always been in my head.]
Austra - "Painful Like" [from olympia. i missed these guys' first album, but i like what i'm hearing off this so far, so we'll probably hear more.]
the Suburbs - "Roll Over City" [from the dream hog mini-LP. the band has launched a kickstarter campaign
to help fund its first new LP in 27 years. a worthy cause, i think, as this band was superb in their day.]
Killer Mike - "Reagan" [from r.a.p. music. i should be playing stuff off the new el-p/killer mike record, but with the nonsense in NC this week, this seemed strangely more fitting.]
2 Live Crew - "Banned in the USA" [the title track from their 1990 album. i wrote about this song over at aquarium drunkard, so if you want the backstory, go check it out.]
Radical Dads - "Mountain Town" [from rapid reality. enjoying this record that i stumbled onto by accident via another great blog/podcast called gimme tinnitus. great name for a blog.]
the Del Fuegos - "Out for a Ride" [from the longest day. was listening to a paul westerberg interview/performance where he was interviewed by warren zanes of the del fuegos, so here's a nod to that great band.]
Ashrae Fax - "Daddystitch" [from static crash. classic north carolina music. excited to see these folks back together here soon. they'll be playing at the flatiron in greensboro on saturday, august 31st in the run-up to hopscotch fest.]
Pere Ubu - "Drinking Wine Spodyody" [from dub housing. another band playing hopscotch fest. this is going to be a very good year.]
Jenny Hval - "Innocence is Kinky" [the title track from her latest. pretty interesting (NSFW) video for this song. we'll hear more, i think.]
the Gun Club - "Thunderheads" [from mother juno. love the gun club. while the late jeffrey lee pierce won't be gracing us with his presence any time soon, kid congo powers and his current band will be at kings in raleigh on friday, october 18th.]
Queens of the Stone Age - "I Appear Missing" [from ...like clockwork. this was the first song i heard off this album and in the context of the record, it's even more fantastic.]
X - "4th of July" [from see how we are. i also wrote about this song for aquarium drunkard so check it out.]
Surfer Blood - "Demon Dance" [from pythons. still enjoying the new album from these guys.]
Big Star - "When My Baby's Beside Me" [from #1 record. can't go wrong with a little big star.]
No Joy - "Slug Night" [from wait to pleasure. for dave who enjoyed this record a bit based on hearing it on the show and specifically cited his love of this song.]
the Tragically Hip - "Grace, Too" [from day for night. for my good friend shona, my favorite canadian in scotland, who i got to hang out with last week. ]
Futurebirds - "Virginia Slims" [from baba yaga. there are fireworks in the video for this so i felt it appropriate. dig it.]
the Flying Burrito Brothers - "Wheels" [from the gilded palace of sin. one of my favorites from their debut. still just as golden as that palace.]
Randy Newman - "Sail Away" [from sail away. an appropriately snarky song for the fourth of july.]

That'll do it for this week. Don't forget to consider donating for the podcast. I appreciate your help or even just you listening. Until next week, take care.

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