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Monday, October 21, 2013

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 16th October 2013

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. I feel like I'm on a role with segues these weeks. It probably has a lot to do with just being in a good mood. So that said, this show was fantastic.

On the next show, I'll have Ryan Snyder of YES Weekly with me for the Indie/Rock Roundtable. We'll be looking at a new album from DARKSIDE and previewing the upcoming Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Festival. Ought to be a lot of fun.

Now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 16th October 2013 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Avett Brothers - "Open-Ended Life" [from magpie and the dandelion. the upbeat opening track from their latest. really digging these songs off the new one - anyone else have thoughts?]
Drive-by Truckers - "Where the Devil Don't Say" [from the dirty south. got a call asking about who this one was by - the truckers generate fans this way, via my show, a lot.]
Summer Cannibals - "Wear Me Out" [from no makeup. really one of my favorite records of this year so far - for reals.]
Guided by Voices - "Chasing Heather Crazy" [from isolation drills. that conversation i had that i refer to in the podcast - i'm dead serious. i found a guided by voices favorite album soul brother it seems.]
Cults - "I Can Hardly Make You Mine" [from static. pretty good stuff and we'll hear more in the future.]
Pulp - "Party Hard" [from this is hardcore. not one of my very, very favorite songs on this album, but really, even my least favorite songs on this album are amazing and i really thought the vibe fit the cults song really well.]
Yuck - "Rebirth" [from glow and behold. i'm so seriously impressed with this album from yuck. i think i have to file this under "great sophomore albums from bands who lost a member that i thought was pretty essential after the first album." see also, q and not u.]
the Nerves - "Hanging on the Telephone" [the title track from their debut EP. i fell in love with this song via blondie (and honestly still probably prefer the version from parallel lines), but the fact of the matter is it's a great song.]
the Suburbs - "Born Under a Good Sign" [from si sauvage. the lead track from their new album - classic sounding suburbs if you ask me.]
the Replacements - "Shiftless When Idle" [from sorry ma forgot to take out the trash. holy crap, the 'mats have been nominated for the rock hall of fame. i seriously doubt they'll get in, but man, that's some nice timing.]
Pity Sex - "Smoke Screen" [from feast of love. sheesh - this record is really good.]
Kathleen Edwards - "12 Bellevue" [from failer. kathleen edwards' debut album will never tire for me - it's just too solid.]
Dean Wareham - "Love is Colder Than Death" [from emancipated hearts EP. in all of his years of work, this is wareham's first official solo release. i like this song.]
The The - "Love is Stronger Than Death" [from dusk. and i just couldn't resist. when i saw the title of that wareham song, i knew what i'd have to play afterward.]
DARKSIDE - "Paper Trails" [from psychic. we'll talk about this album next week on the show.]
Toad the Wet Sprocket - "Inside" [from dulcinea. for some reason, stuck in my head. probably because i love this album and things like that happen.]
Crocodiles - "Heavy Metal Clouds" [from crimes of passion. really excellent song from crocodiles' latest.]
Robert Earl Keen - "Corpus Christi Bay" [from a bigger piece of sky. one of my alltime favorite songs, lyrically. just a heartbreaker of a song.]
Janelle Monae - "Primetime" [from the electric lady. featuring miguel who i saw on later...with jools holland earlier this year and he blew me away. this is definitely up there among the tracks on monae's latest as well.]
Matty Sheets and the Blockheads - "You're Not Dead" (live) [a live recording from when the band was on my show earlier this year. you can download the performance here.]
Polvo - "Blues is Loss" [from siberia. from their tremendous new album. really digging this one.]
Drag Sounds - "Cryentology" [from feelin it. i'm feelin' it with these guys - usually am.]
David Bowie - "Valentine's Day" [from the next day. one of 2013's truly great surprises. not that bowie made a good record - but that he made a really, really good record.]
Alex Chilton - "A Case of You" (live) [from electricity by candlelight  NYC 2/13/97. i love the crowd's warbling sing-along of the "oh, canadaaaaa" part of the second verse.]
Potty Mouth - "Black and Studs" [from hell bent. another band whose name i can't say i really dig and a record that is good despite that.]
Nanci Griffith - "Everything's Coming Up Roses" [from blues roses for the moons. just felt like playing this one as, well, i love nanci.]

That's going to do it for this show. Check in next time as I welcome Ryan Snyder for Indie/Rock Roundtable. Until then, take care.


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