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Friday, October 04, 2013

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 2nd October 2013

[Welcome to this week's edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. The year is beginning to wind-down, release wise, but winding-down means the inevitable flurry of late-year releases, and boy, there are some doozies. I need to start prepping for the Top 25 Albums list because it's going to take some serious culling this year.

I was joined this week by Nathan Arizona of Nathan Arizona and the New Mexicans. They have a new single out and we talked about that, origins of the band and a few other things. Hope you guys enjoy.

Now, in the meantime, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 2nd October 2013 show

Peaches - "Rock Show"
Fuzz - "Raise" [from their self-titled album. another band featuring ty segall, this time on drums while still singing. but the heavy riffs are undoubtedly the calling card here. good stuff.]
Daisy Chainsaw - "Love Your Money" [from eleventeen. one of my go-to songs for the second slot each week. i love the chainsaw guitars on this song.]
Polvo - "Light, Raking" [from their new album siberia. so very excited to have another new polvo record. really loved their comeback album the other year and this one is shaping up to be pretty awesome, too.]
Nathan Arizona and the New Mexicans - "Shake" [from the new "shake" single.]

[This is where Nathan and I discussed the band, their origins, the two singles they've released this year, what the music scene in Burlington, North Carolina is like, how it seems to support local bands and most importantly, how spray-painting CDs does not affect playback. Enjoy the talk and music. The band will be at the Front Street Public House in Burlington on Friday, October 18th along with Jonny Alright  and that show is free, so go check it out.]

Nathan Arizona and the New Mexicans - "Evolution #9" [from the "shake" single.]
Nathan Arizona and the New Mexicans - "Let It Out" [from the "let it out" single.]
the Gun Club - "She's Like Heroin to Me" [from fire of love. got a call about this one. people get very excited when they hear classic stuff on the air, that's for sure.]
the Avett Brothers - "Another is Waiting" [by request. from the forthcoming magpie and the dandelion. i'll say, i actually really dig this song. i've been a long-time fan of the bros, but was a little lukewarm on i and love and you but found last year's the carpenter a bit of a redemption. so i have high hopes for this one.]
the Suburbs - "Turn on the Radio" [from their new album si sauvage. i love that the suburbs sounds pretty much the same except for the updated recording quality. reminds me of love is the law-era suburbs mightily and that's a good thing.]
Dr. Dog - "Broken Heart" [from their new album b-room. have always enjoyed this band, but had floated away a bit. this new one is promising.]
the Streets - "Dry Your Eyes" [from a grand don't come for free. one of my top records the year it was released. hasn't aged as well for me, but some of it has. this song is still stellar.]
the Foreign Exchange - "Better" [from love in flying colors. glad to hear the nc-netherland connection back in action. still need to catch these guys live.]
Marty Robbins - "El Paso" [from 1959's gunfighter ballads and trail songs. since i was magnificently clairvoyent last week and anticipated a song played in the series finale of breaking bad, thought i'd throw in the other important song from that episode.]
Yuck - "Lose My Breath" [from glow and behold. if there has been a more surprising turnaround this year, i don't know it. having your lead singer/songwriter abandon ship would seem a death knell for a band, but yuck's new sound and album are absolutely fantastic. here's to more of this.]
the Twilight Singers - "On the Corner" [from dynamite steps. things have been a bit quiet on the twilight singers front, of course, since this last album, what with the afghan whigs reunion and all. still, a great band.]
Blitzen Trapper - "Thirsty Man" [from VII. another band i'd sort of drifted away from, but there's promise in songs like this. we'll hear more.]
Nirvana - "Sappy" [from the new reissue of in utero. that's it for nirvana for a long time here on the show, but i wanted to play one more.]
Deltron 3030 - "What Is This Loneliness" [from event II. finally, 13 years later, a new deltron record and it's pretty excellent from my listens so far. this track features damon albarn, so of course i was going to gravitate toward it.]
Midnight Oil - "Antarctica" [from blue sky mining. this week was a little repetitious of the 'classic' bands from last week, but when you get an album in your head, you have to exercise it.]
Mazzy Star - "In the Kingdom" [from seasons of your day. another comeback album and man is it good to hear mazzy star. really, really excellent stuff.]
Warren Zevon - "Frank and Jesse James" [from his self-titled album. i was going back and forth last week between this song and "play it all night long," so i had to get this one out.]
Robbie Fulks - "When You Get to the Bottom" [from gone away backward. i've always been aware of robbie fulks, but been pretty bad on following-up on him. so here's my attempt to remedy that. from his newest.]
Of Montreal - "Colossus" [from lousy with sylvanbriar. as big a fan of elephant 6 related stuff as i am, i've never been a big lover of of montreal, but this new record is really appealing to me so far. we'll hear more.]
the Byrds - "You're Still on My Mind" [from the expanded edition of sweetheart of the rodeo. this is probably the song by the byrds that gets stuck in my head the most often. they didn't write it, but their version is just sublime.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week with more fantastic music, new and old, so until then, take care.

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