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Friday, November 01, 2013

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 30th October 2013

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. A bit of a sad one as rock and roll lost one of its greatest practitioners - and certainly someone without whom we would not be talking about rock and roll in nearly the same way at this point - Lou Reed. He died this past Sunday at the age of 71. I took some time to remember him in the second hour, so I hope you enjoy my truly insignificant remembrance of such a great songwriter. You can also check out my remembrance over at Aquarium Drunkard. Rest in peace, Lou.

Now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 30th October 2013 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Los Campesinos! - "Avacado, Baby" [from their new album NO BLUES. i've always been a bit lukewarm about this band, but i'm digging this song and hoping that maybe this album will change my mind. mainly because i need more welsh bands in my repertoire.]
the Emergency - "Breakdown a Go-Go" [from how do you move? still one of my favorite power-pop records of the 2000s. morgantown, west virginia boys done good.]
Cut Copy - "We Are Explorers" [from free your mind. i'll go ahead and say that the album cover for this record is terrible. but the music sounds good so far - we'll hear more.]
Buffalo Tom - "You'll Never Catch Him" [from three easy pieces. really enjoyed this record back when it came out. oh, buffalo tom, wherefore art thou?]
the Flaming Lips - "If They Move, Shott 'Em" [from the new peace sword EP. these are songs the band submitted for the ender's game soundtrack, only one of which was accepted or something? i don't know. anyway, pretty interesting stuff.]
Alejandro Escovedo - "Sister Lost Soul" [from real animal. i was outside a building at the furniture market in high point the other week and someone in the building had put this album on, in its entirety, for airplay throughout the building. i was shocked. and then really chuffed.]
Minor Alps - "If I Wanted Trouble" [from get there. this is a new band featuring matthew caws of nada surf and julianna hatfield. pretty lovely stuff from what i've heard so far. we'll hear more.]
Polaris - "Waiting for October" [from their songs from the adventures of pete and pete album. i should've played this earlier this month, but better late than never.]
Arcade Fire - "Flashbulb Eyes" [from reflektor. so the debate is on over this new album. i'm still withholding my judgment, but we'll see.]
Mary Lou Lord - "Sayanora" (live) [from live city sounds. her version of the pogues classic. love her version.]
Unknown Reader - "The Green Ribbon" [from the green ribbon and other scary tales. does anyone know who the reader of this story is? i played it from this you tube video, but there are no credits. it sounds a bit like george s. irving who also did the audio versions of scary stories  to tell in the dark that i've played previous halloweens, but i'm not sure. does anyone have any idea?]
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan - "Lamia" [from their latest album uzu which just came out. really enjoy this band a good bit.]
Rickie Lee Jones - "Letters from the 9th Ward / Walk Away Renee" [from girl at her volcano. saw ms. jones last week and was just blown away by how fantastic she was. this was a highlight of that show as well.]

[Here's where I took some time to remember Lou Reed. I alternated between Velvet Underground tracks representing all four original VU albums and then various bits from Reed's solo career. The VU and solo tracks actually proceed in chronological order of release until you get to "Perfect Day" which should've been played first of the solo songs if I were going to stick with that, but thematically, I thought it belonged at the end. Thanks for the music, Lou.]

the Velvet Underground - "Sunday Morning" [from the velvet underground and nico. the first track from their first album. originally designed for nico to sing, but i think i definitely like this one better with reed on vocals.]
Lou Reed - "Coney Island Baby" [the title track from his 1976 album.]
the Velvet Underground - "Venus in Furs" [from the velvet underground and nico. my favorite song (only rivaled by "all tomorrow's parties") from this debut. and still just mesmerizing.]
Lou Reed - "Banging On My Drum" [from rock and roll heart. two DJ friends of mine stick up for this lesser-loved album from reed's solo career, so this one was for them.]
the Velvet Underground - "White Light / White Heat" [the title track from their second album. if i were feeling cheeky, i'd have played "sister ray," and really, i should have, but oh well.]
Lou Reed - "Waves of Fear" [from the blue mask. this is my favorite reed album - not only are the songs spectacular, but the guitar work of robert quine is just a tremendous match for reed.]
the Velvet Underground - "Beginning to See the Light" [from the velvet underground. the second self-titled record doesn't always get as much love, but it's an understated masterpiece.]
Lou Reed - "The Last Shot" [from legendary hearts. the other solo album with quine on board. just excellent.]
the Velvet Underground - "Sweet Jane" [from loaded. gotta love it, even if it was a touch obvious for the show.]
Lou Reed - "Halloween Parade" [from new york. appropriate for so many reasons. it being the night before halloween, but also as an example of just how well reed could write about the 'outcasts' and 'freaks' and the true humanity in everyone. it's a sad, sad, beautiful song.]
the Velvet Underground - "Rock and Roll" [from loaded. and i think we can call identify with this one.]
Lou Reed - "Perfect Day" [from transformer. this was the first lou reed song i ever heard, via the trainspotting soundtrack. still hits me hard.]
Lou Reed and John Cale - "Hello It's Me" [from songs for drella. it's the last song from this 1990 album and though meant as a way to say goodbye to warhol, just a bit appropriate for this as well.]

That'll do it for this week. Tune in next week for more fantastic new and classic stuff. Until then, take care.

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  • At 4:39 PM, December 12, 2013, Blogger Justin said…

    Holy cow, that Quine guitar on "Waves of Fear!"

    Also, that Buffalo Tom track sounded awesome. I really need to dig into their catalog more - I only have Let Me Come Over, which is great.


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