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Friday, February 21, 2014

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 19th February 2014

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. I think this week's show is pretty spectacular - probably doesn't hurt that two weeks of new releases were saved up after last week's show was scrambled by the winter weather. But that's how it goes.

That said, this is a pretty excellent week. Tons of new stuff and some great classics and we remember two departed people from the last week.

Now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 19th February 2014 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
St. Vincent - "Digital Witness" [from her new self-titled record which is out next week. this reminds me, sound wise, of her record with david byrne from last year, and i suppose that shouldn't surprise me, but it is good. we'll hear more.]
Sixteen Horsepower - "Dead Run" [from low estate. i'm probably going to be in a sixteen horsepower/gun club mood the next few weeks, so be ready.]
Speedy Ortiz - "Everything's Bigger" [from the real hair EP. this band is just getting better. love the production on this record.]
the Buzzcocks - "Harmony in My Head" [from singles going steady. maybe my favorite buzzcocks song. it's way up there at the very least.]
the Men - "Different Days" [from their forthcoming album tomorrow's hits. these guys are reaching almost pollardian levels of production. an album a year since 2010 including this one. i approve when they're this consistently good.]
Beastie Boys - "Remote Control" [by twitter request from hello nasty. clemens from hannover, germany sent this request in and i was only happy to oblige.]
together Pangea - "Badillac" [by request, the title track from their new album. haven't heard these guys before, but i dig this song, so we'll probably hear more.]
the Clash - "Remote Control" [from their self-titled debut. when i got the beasties request, i thought of this song as well, so there you go.]
Temples - "Shelter Song" [from their new album sun structures. we'll definitely hear more of this - it's a retro sounding album, but in a good way.]
the Lemonheads - "The Great Big NO" [from come on feel the lemonheads. the first half of this album - or the first six songs at least - is just tremendous. and then "style" starts that weird back half that has some amazing songs and some clunkers. i've never seen a record that is such a mess solely because of one half of an album and not the whole thing.]
Guided by Voices - "Some Things are Big (and Some of Them Are Small)" [from their new album motivational jumpsuit. speaking of pollardian releases, this is GBV's fifth album since january of 2012. and then there was that pollard solo record, too. sheesh.]
"Weird Al" Yankovic - "King of Suede" [from "weird al" in 3-D. i have a lot of respect for "weird al," but this is my favorite record of his. there's something totally classic about it. especially this song.]
the Afghan Whigs - "Algiers" [from their forthcoming album do to the beast. the "be my baby" drums that open this song are inspired and i am super excited for the full record in april.]
J's Indie/Rock My First Time - Scott Maynard: [a member of rock plaza central who tells a great story about his first show in canada.]
Rock Plaza Central - "Are We Not Horses?" [the title track from their 2006 album. this is just such a mind blowing record. i miss this band.]
Colleens - "Maybe We'll Fall In Love" [from the wild dreams EP. we'll hear more from them as it's sounding good.]
Kudzu Wish - "Afraid of the Bomb" [from en route. 4/5ths of this band were WQFS djs and managers, so, you know, gotta crank up the old greensboro jams.]
Lydia Loveless - "To Love Somebody" [from somewhere else. seriously, people, this is one of this year's best records so far. we'll be hearing a lot more.]
Pulp - "Mis-Shapes" [from different class. this record will be 20 years old  next year. sigh.]
Phantogram - "Never Going Home" [from voices. i'm new really to listening to these guys, but this is a pretty great song.]
That Petrol Emotion - "It's a Good Thing" [from manic pop thrill. oh, post-punk. how good you were/are.]
Beck - "Blue Moon" [from his forthcoming album morning phase. the new beck album that has been getting comparisons to mutations and sea change and, yeah, we'll hear more. it's beck.]
Blair - "Rampage" [from die young. still love this record and these songs.]
Angel Olsen - "Hi-Five" [from burn your fire for no witness. i'm already digging this more than her low-key predecessors. we'll hear more.]
Aztec Camera - "Oblivious" [from high land, hard rain. this album, which turned 30 last year, is getting a big reissue. i'm more of a fan of some of the later aztec camera albums, but their debut is still pretty solid.]
Bleeding Rainbow - "So You Know" [from their forthcoming album interrupt. another band cranking out releases. excited to hear more from these folks.]
the Rosebuds - "Woods" [from loud planes fly low. we played the hell out of this song at wqfs when this album dropped. good stuff.]
Cibo Matto - "Check In" [from hotel valentine. their first album in fifteen years. i'm still digesting it, but they still make intriguing music.]
Quilt - "Arctic Shark" [from held in splendor. i may have misspoken about their album name on the air. if so, sorry. really good album.]
Hurray for the Riff Raff - "The Body Electric" [from small town heroes. i really like this song, lyrically, a lot. we'll hear more.]
Devo - "Uncontrollable Urge" [from q: are we not men? a: we are devo! for the second time in less than a year, i have to play a devo song because a member of the band died. this time it's guitarist bob casale who died at the age of 61. really sad.]
Elvis Hitler - "Green Haze" [from disgraceland. and this is for mary grace canfield, the great character actress who died at the age of 89. probably best known as ralph monroe on green acres, one of my favorite tv shows when i was a kid. rest in peace, both of you.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week for more fantastic new and classic music. Until then, take care.

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