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Friday, February 28, 2014

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 26th February 2014

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Hope you guys enjoy the show tonight - it's a particularly good one, I think.

So, things may be changing a bit here at Mayhem. And here's why. I want the podcast to grow, but I feel like, in some ways, that its size is inherently problematic for that. Two hours is a lot to digest for people on a weekly basis, even if it is presented in the fairly easy to put-on-and-do-other-stuff format of a traditional radio show. So I am seriously looking at reducing the frequency and the size of the show. I will continue to do my two-hour live show each week and if you can catch me streaming, then you can still hear that. But I want to start condensing two weeks worth of shows down into (probably) a one-hour podcast posted bi-weekly, choosing the best new and classic music from the four hours.

Now, that's a significant reduction in output I realize, which is why I won't undertake that step until I have something to replace it. I have an idea for another podcast that will run weeks alternating with the radio show podcast, but that's something that is an idea in the works, so I'm not going to talk details right now. But regardless, the big idea here is that there will still be weekly content, it's just that the podcast of the two-hour radio show is probably going to become a thing of the past.

But, as I said, this is some distance off in the future. This is, at best, something that wouldn't take place until probably late-April or May at the earliest, but I wanted to give those of you who actually read the blog a bit of a heads up as for what to expect. I guarantee that you're going to still enjoy the content and get a ton of new and classic great music out of it. That's why I'm here in the first place and that's not going to change.

Now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 26th February 2014 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Men - "Get What You Give" [from tomorrow's hits. really enjoying this album so far. it's out next week, so we'll most likely hear more.]
Jason and the Scorchers - "White Lies" [from lost & found. i think this was the first jason and scorchers song i ever heard and it still gets me riled up.]
Guided by Voices - "Alex and the Omegas" [from motivational jumpsuit. is it time for the shiny patina of a 'new' guided by voices record to finally wear off now that their reunion has created five albums in two years? they're good - some great songs to be found on all of them. but it's the same breakneck pace bob pollard has always had at putting out music and it becomes overwhelming after awhile.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Ironclad" [from all hands on the bad one. this record hardly ever gets talked about when it comes to their oeuvre. i still really love it though.]
Lydia Loveless - "Verlaine Shot Rimbaud" [from somewhere else. my introduction to the story of verlaine and rimbaud was the mary lou lord song "western union desperate," which i misinterpreted for years to contain a reference to arthur rimbaud and tom verlaine of television, not paul-marie verlaine. i thought it was a juxtaposition of a modern and a classic artist. i learned something that day.]
the B-52's - "6060-842" [from their self-titled debut. i really can't over emphasize how amazing this record still is to me. just so good.]
Angel Olsen - "High & Wild" [from burn your fire for no witness. a really excellent new album that is growing more and more on me.]
Bob Mould - "See a Little Light" [from workbook. mould's first solo record, it's getting the 25th anniversary treatment this week. i sometimes forget how good this song is.]
Kalle Mattson - "Hurt People Hurt People" [from someday, the moon will be gold. really impressive track from an album we'll be hearing more from.]
the Smithereens - "House We Used to Live In" [from green thoughts. probably my favorite smithereens song of all time. oh so good.]
Drive-by Truckers - "When He's Gone" [from english oceans. this album is a grower. i'm not sure how i feel about it yet in the overall pantheon of truckers albums, but it's moving up slowly in my estimation.]
Dangermouse - "Change Clothes" [by request from the grey album. this album turned ten years old this week and thanks to request, i just had to break it out.]
Beck - "Unforgiven" [from morning phase. pretty good album, i must say. we'll hear some more, but this song is some of the best of beck's singing i've ever heard.]
the Jayhawks - "Nothing Left to Borrow" [from tomorrow the green grass. even though this was the first jayhawks album i ever owned (and usually that leads to unnecessary adulation), it's always sort of underwhelmed me compared to hollywood town hall or sound of lies and i rarely come back to it. but i also forget that it holds unquestionable masterpieces like this song.]
Temples - "A Question Isn't Answered" [from sun structures. seriously, if you don't like this song, we may be on a different wavelength music wise.]
Superchunk - "Watery Hands" [from indoor living. why this, of all superchunk records, to get reissued? i know foolish already got a reissue a few years ago, but is this a push to make us re-evaluate this album? might work.]
St. Vincent - "Birth In Reverse" [from her new self-titled album. here she is performing this song on the colbert report the other night.]
Surfer Blood - "Demon Dance" [from python. excited to maybe catch these guys at the blind tiger on march 4th.]
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - "Cinnamon and Lesbians" [from wig out at jagbags. they'll be at the cat's cradle next monday, march 3rd.]
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - "Belong" [the title track from their last album. they'll be at the cat's cradle on sunday, march 9th.]
Pontiak - "It's the Greatest" [from their album innocence. can i go see pontiak live sometime this year, please? i probably missed them somewhere.]
Del Amitri - "Not Where It's At" [from some other sucker's parade. justin currie, del amitri's lead singer, will be at the cat's cradle back room on wednesday, may 14th! i'm totally going.]
Colleens - "Sun Before I Set" [from wild dreams. liking this record more and more as i play it.]
Lyle Lovett - "Simple Song" [from pontiac. get it? pontiac and pontiak?]
Crooked Fingers - "Mansion on the Hill" [from badlands: a tribute to bruce springsteen's nebraska. love his cover. eric bachmann sounds an awful lot like bruce here, too.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week with more new and classic tunes. Until then, take care.


  • At 8:37 PM, March 09, 2014, Blogger Justin said…

    I completely understand you wanting to grow the podcast but I would tremendously miss the long version. I listen not just for the new music but for the old favorites that bump up against that new music. I like it when you play The Church and Del Amitri and Television. But again, I won't begrudge you doing what you want to do.

    I'm really digging the two Colleens tracks you played the last two weeks - going to have to listen to that whole album soon.I also loved that Together Pangea track from last week as well.

    Anyway, my two cents...


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