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Friday, March 21, 2014

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 19th March 2014

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. This week's show is pretty rockin' from start to finish, if I do say so myself. Plenty of amazing stuff. Tonight's show also features a tribute to the late Gary Burger of the Monks and Scott Asheton of the Stooges, both of whom died this past week. Proto-punk would not have been the same without both of those men.

I'll be joined next week by Mike Wallace to talk about the upcoming Phuzz Phest in Winston-Salem which has an amazing lineup this year. We'll have a lot to talk about, I'm sure.

Alright, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 19th March 2014 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Pack A.D. - "Airborne" [from do not engage. i've heard about these folks for years, but haven't checked them out until now. not bad.]
Elastica - "Stutter" [from their self-titled album. as i said last week, this record turned 20 years old on march 14th. this song still kills me.]
the Coathangers - "Drive" [from suck my shirt. digging this song and what i've heard from the new suicide squeeze band. we'll hear more.]
Black Grape - "Reverend Black Grape" [from it's great when you're straight...yeah. another record that still just bowls me over when i listen to it. shaun ryder appears able to make one really amazing record with each new group he's in and that's it.]
Nothing - "Bent Nail" [from their guilty of everything album. another track from their new album. enjoying it.]
Public Enemy - "Burn Hollywood Burn" [from fear of a black planet. i forgot how mildly difficult this song is to edit, and i also left off one of the best parts - flava flav's audition for a movie role at the end. sorry.]
Eternal Summers - "A Burial" [from the drop beneath. this virginia band is pretty stellar, based on this. we'll hear more.]
Mclusky - "Dethink to Survive" [from do dallas. this song is like a steamroller and i love it. love it.]
the War on Drugs - "Red Eyes" [from lost in the dream. a lot of up and down reviews on this one, but i'm really digging what i'm hearing so far.]
Travis - "Writing to Reach You" [from the man who. oh, this song. when i bought my copy of this album, i sat and hit repeat on this track at least four or five times. so good.]
D.M. Franklin Kane - "The Mind of God" [from the hard truth. frank kane is back with his first post-citified album. lots of good stuff here, especially on this song. check it out at his bandcamp.]
Jim White - "Epilogue to a Marriage" [from where it hits you. one of my favorite songs from a record full of them. still hits me hard.]
Perfect Pussy - "Interference Fits" [from say yes to love. i realized after saying the name of this band once on the air that perhaps i shouldn't. but whatever. good song.]
Buffalo Tom - "Summer" [from sleepy eyed. oh, buffalo tom. just such a tremendously great songwriter band.]
Homeboy Sandman - "Wade in the Water" [from the white sands EP. this song amuses me - i really love the languid, slower delivery of sandman. so i tend to play him at least once every now and then.]
Blackalicious - "It's Going Down" [from blazing arrow. one of the records i really regret not getting to write about for the drunkard best of the decade series. so good.]
Posse - "Jon" [from soft opening. i like this song quite a bit and we'll hear more from them.]
Kathleen Edwards - "Moneytalks" (live) [from the live at the bowery EP. hadn't played this in awhile, but this out-of-print EP is worth it for this cover at the very least.]
Kalle Mattson - "God's Only Son" [from someday, the moon will be gold. does this record just get better with each track? clearly so.]
Tiger Bear Wolf - "Input/Output" [from their self-titled album. oh, sainted greensboro rock and roll.]
Wood Ear - "Pack of Cards" [from the forthcoming electric alone EP. from our friends at churchkey records, a new EP from this durham, nc band. good song.]
Elf Power - "The Naughty Villain" [from the winter is coming. a classic. i first heard this song as a download on abercrombie & fitch's website. true story.]
Michael Kiwanuka - "You've Got Nothing to Lose" [a new single from a great musician. this is the a-side of the single we heard the b-side of last week. great to hear kiwanuka back.]
Superchunk - "Beat My Guest" [from the cup of sand b-sides and covers collection. a cover of the adam ant classic. i love their version. originally recorded around the time of on the mouth.]
Don Chambers - "Evacuate the Ghost" [from his forthcoming album disquietude. excited to play more of this as don chambers' music is pretty unique.]
Rickie Lee Jones - "Livin' It Up" [from pirates. my favorite rickie lee jones album, and one of my favorite songs.]
the Monks - "Monk Time" [from black monks time. monks lead singer, gary burger, passed away this past week at the age of 72. if you've never heard this album, go hunt it down as it's really an immaculate piece of 60s proto-punk. rest in peace, gary.]
the Stooges - "Down on the Street" [from fun house. and we've lost another asheton. after guitarist ron asheton's death in 2009, now his brother, scott asheton, drummer for the stooges, has died. the beat on this song alone is proof of his prowess, but it's all over those early stooges records. rest in peace.]

That'll do it for this week. Tune in next week for our Phuzz Phest preview and lots more. Until then, take care.

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