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Monday, April 21, 2014

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 16th April 2014

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Really fun group of songs this week including some classics. So we'll get to that shortly.

Just a reminder that there will be no podcast this week as I'll be elsewhere, but if you can tune in live, my old cohort Patrick will be filling in for me with his usual great mix of quality tunes. So check him out if you can.

Now, while the going's good, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 16th April 2014 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Woods - "New Light" [from their new album with light & with love. pretty lovely little song and we'll undoubtedly be hearing more.]
the Replacements - "Nevermind" [from pleased to meet me. well, the rumour about the replacements playing hopscotch seems to not be true (for now - there are still more bands to be announced, but who knows) but there is still hope they'll come closer than their festival date in atlanta in early may.]
Perfect Pussy - "Big Stars" [from say yes to love. well, the fact that the album is in rotation means i guess it's okay to say the band name on the air. sure.]
the Lemonheads - "No Backbone" [from the 2006 self-titled album that was honestly really, really good. c'mon, evan. you can do more of this.]
the Both - "Milwaukee" [from their self-titled debut - the new project featuring aimee mann and ted leo. pretty fun song here. well hear more.]
Fugazi - "Cashout" [from the argument. as i tweeted at the time, can you seriously not still find yourself completely won over by this song? i miss fugazi.]
Cody Chestnutt - "Gunpowder on the Letter" [from the new landing on a hundred b-sides release - a bunch of additional tracks recorded at the same time as his excellent 2012 album.]
the Delays - "Hey Girl" [from faded seaside glamour. what a great album name and what a great album. these guys were still releasing music, but nothing quite like this album.]
Deleted Scenes - "Stutter" [from lithium burn. i'll tell you right now - i enjoyed this song immensely. maybe among my top five songs of this year so far. just love the stuttering effect on the track. we'll hear more.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Slow Fade" [from man made. it was on tour for this album that was the last (and only) time i've seen this band live. thankfully this summer will remedy that as they're playing at the merge records 25th anniversary shin dig. hallelujah.]
Trashettes - "Sucker Punch" [a new greensboro band's new track. check it out on soundcloud. we'll probably hear more from them in the future.]
the Chameleons - "Swamp Thing" [from 1986's strange times. is this record not amazing or what? and this song - sheesh. love this band.]
Cloud Nothings - "I'm Not Part of Me" [from here and nowhere else. this record is a solid winner, i think. not sure if i think it's better than the previous album yet or not though.]
Myty Konkeror -  "'sus Envy" [from i miss the future. i miss these guys. are they still together? going to put out a new album? bueller?]
the Roots - "When the People Cheer" [from their forthcoming album ...and then you shoot your cousin which will be out in may. high hopes for this considering how much i loved their last album.]
Art Brut - "Pump Up the Volume" [from it's a bit complicated. still one of the finest songs i've ever heard in my life. no joke.]
the Whigs - "Modern Creation" [the title track from their new album which is out this week. they were fantastic here in greensboro the other week. so much fun to see.]
Glen Phillips - "Duck and Cover" [from winter pays for summer. while i've been lukewarm about phillips' solo career at times, i do very much love this song and think it contains some of his most deft lyricism. especially in the album title reference.]
Black Santa - "Sofa King Smooth" [from their album danny, we love you. they have a new album out as of last week over at their bandcamp so go check it out. more new greensboro rock and roll.]
the Lucksmiths - "Take This Lying Down" [from their 2003 album naturaliste. loved how this song was used in this video at deadspin. just well done.]
Tweens - "Bored in the City" [from their self-titled record. fun album. we'll be hearing more.]
Social Distortion - "So Far Away" [from their self-titled album. i love the first two songs on this record so much - they are perennial tracks for uptempo stuff on my show.]
Amps for Christ - "Earth is Spinning" [from canyons cars and crows. some really interesting stuff. a band i've heard of for years but have never dug into.]
Richard Buckner - "Boys, the Night Will Bury You" [from the self-titled album that was originally sold at live shows. if you've never heard this, all tracks were recorded live at the black eyed pig in san francisco and if you're a buckner fan, you would love it.]
School of Language - "Distance Between" [from old fears. interesting stuff and we might hear more.]
the Tragically Hip - "Gift Shop" (live) [this is from the live between us live album that is one of the best documents of this band that i know of. they are incredibly intriguing live here and the whole album is spectacular.]
Howler - "Don't Wanna" [from their new album world of joy. i dig this song a lot, so we'll hear more from this album.]
Luna - "Moon Palace" [from penthouse. dean wareham has done a lot of great music in and out of luna and galaxy 500, but there is something very special album this album.]

That'll do it for this episode. I'll be gone this week, so I'll see you back next live on Wednesday, April 30th. Until then, take care.


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