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Friday, May 02, 2014

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 30th April 2014

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. I hate having to miss weeks, but I love the pileup of new music as well. Certainly didn't get to everything during this show, so a lot more next week as well.

I'll be missing another show on Wednesday, May 14th, so try to get by without me. Not sure who's going to be filling in just yet, but I will personally make sure they're awesome.

Now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 30th April 2014 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Ex-Cult - "Midnight Passenger" [the title track from their new album. pretty intriguing rock and roll, so we'll probably hear more.]
Beady Eye - "Iz Rite" [from last year's BE and also my #2 single of last year. seriously, this song has grown and grown on me. the chorus is pretty simplistic, lyric wise, but it hits me in a way i can't quite fully explain. just great.]
tUnE-yArDs - "Time of Dark" [from their new album nikki nack. it's been awhile since we've heard from tune-yards, so it's nice to see a fairly unique band back in the saddle.]
Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf - "Here's a Smirk" [from big shots. there's a whopping big 4-LP set of everything charizma and peanut butter wolf did together (more or less) coming out soon on stones throw records. ought to be pretty awesome.]
Survival Knife - "Divine Mob" [from loose power. two-thirds of the band unwound in their new project. interesting and we'll probably hear more.]
Ben Kweller - "Wasted & Ready" [from sha-sha. mad dog feted this record to no end back when it came out and, truly, this and "commerce, tx" off the same album are some amazing pop songs.]
Yuck - "Athena" [from the new southern skies EP. man, i don't know about you, but i think i completely love the new version of yuck. last year's LP won me over pretty fully, and now this EP is continuing the trend.]
Sleeper - "What Do I Do Now?" [from the IT girl. this song shows just how good a performer - in addition to songwriter - louise weiner could be. and i think it's the just slight bit of heartache you hear in her voice when she sings "was it when i said / i wanted to have children?" late in the song. just bowls me over every time.]
Damon Albarn - "Lonely Press Play" [from everyday robots. i haven't put my ears on the entire album yet, but this song is pretty intriguing. albarn's first proper solo record. we'll hear more, undoubtedly.]
Egyptian Lover - "I Cry (Night After Night)" [from on the nile. a classic that i do love to break out every so often. oh, egyptian lover - do you still cry?]
Ought - "Forgiveness" [from more than any other day. i love the slow build of this song into something really quite beautiful.]
the Replacements - "Kiss Me On the Bus" (studio demo) [by request. this is the studio demo of the song, released on the re-issue of tim from a few years ago. requested by frank because it's about someone proposing and, yes, i proposed to my girlfriend this past week and we're getting married. aw, shucks.]
See Gulls - "Don't Write Me Love Songs" [new recordings from this relatively new north carolina band. check them out at their bandcamp where you can download the songs and throw them a few bones if you dig it.]
the Moles - "Bury Me Happy" [from their 1991's debut untune the sky. not a bad i know much about, but pretty interesting all the same.]
Sharon Van Etten - "Every Time the Sun Comes Up" [from the forthcoming are we there which is out may 27th. i will say - i'm pretty excited for her new album. the tracks released off of it so far have been extraordinary.]
the Catherine Wheel - "Crank" [from their second album chrome. this is a band that needs revisiting - or at least that i would like to hear some thoughts on. do their records hold up?]
Soft Peaks - "Good Luck" [from their new self-titled EP. ex-tiger bear wolf, health and some other bands put out a fantastic EP. man. just go check it out. please.]
the Jayhawks - "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" [from smile. one of the three albums that are getting prepped for vinyl reissue by the band. i'm pretty excited for this one and the sound of lies for sure.]
D.M. Franklin Kane - "These Days" [from the hard truth. this is the first song on the album and it has a pretty great video up, so go check it out.]
Del Amitri - "Hatful of Rain" [from their second album, waking hours. can you tell i'm getting pretty psyched for justin currie playing at the cat's cradle in a couple of weeks?]
Deleted Scenes - "Let's Not Try to Fix Everything At Once" [from their new album lithium burn. this record is growing on me song by song. i'm impressed.]
Sonic Youth - "100%" [from dirty. you know - classic yutes.]
Fear of Men - "Tephra" [from their new album loom. pretty good song as well. we'll have to hear more.]
the Blow - "True Affection" [from their 2006 album paper television. this song was played a ton on wqfs back in 2006, and for good reason. it's kind of a great song.]
Wye Oak - "Before" [from their new album shriek. not a bad song from the long-awaited new wye oak album. we'll hear more.]
For Against - "Sabres" [from december. another album i haven't had a lot of time to listen to, but this song is solid.]
that dog. - "Silently" [from totally crushed out. one of my absolute favorite that dog songs of all time. just perfect.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week with more fantastic new and classic music, so until then, take care.


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