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Friday, November 11, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 9th november 2005

[a really enjoyable show with some good requests scattered throughout. all of this show was punctuated by the fact i was heading off to see the perceptionists later that evening and i'll post a concert review of that shortly. in the meantime, onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Silver Jews - "How Can I Love You If You Won't Lie Down" [another one of the many excellent songs off of this new album, tanglewood numbers. there's not a lot to say that i didn't cover in my album review, but rest assured this record hasn't dimmed one bit for me.]
Radio 4 - "Start a Fire" [i saw radio 4 open for girls against boys some time ago and i was floored. they were incendiary live. but lordy, that dance punk stuff went south fast. (see also: moving units) but. this album, gotham, as opposed to radio 4's most recent bore-fest, still has the gut-punch of that first time i saw them. click here to download and listen.]
Idlewild - "As If I Hadn't Slept" [one of a handful of golden gems from the warnings/promises album. i can't quite put my finger on how well idlewild manages to stradle the line between commercial modern rock and smart, sophisticated power-pop/rock, but they take the best of all worlds and come up solid.]
Tubeway Army - "Listen to the Sirens" [despite being tubeway army, this is, of course, for all intents and purposes, gary numan's first album. a great debut of thick, sci-fi tinted post-punk that is just as fun now as then. ironically enough, the first time i ever heard this song was off of another person's computer on the school network in college. i ran into that guy later this night at the perceptionists show for the first time in a couple of years. from their self-titled debut. click here to download and listen.]
Marah - "The Hustle" [more new music from the if you didn't laugh you'd cry album. don't forget that you can check out an mp3 of "walt whitman bridge" from last week's show. just scroll back if you want to download and check it out. great rock and roll.]
For Squirrels - "8:02 PM" [short of playing "the mighty k.c." (which people still give me weird looks when i talk about it), this is the best way to introduce people to for squirrels, as it was the other single off of their example album. maybe i'm remembering them as being a bigger deal than they were, but the whole 'single that was an ode to cobain and then half the band dying in a car accident' seemed like it was big MTV news at the time. not a bad hunk of mid-90s rock.]
Little Brother - "Beautiful Morning"/"The Becoming" [another run through of this tandem of songs off the excellent new the minstrel show album. north carolina hip-hop just really isn't any better than these guys right now. click here to download "beautiful morning" and here for "the becoming."]
John Doe - "Heartless" [by request. from the excellent forever hasn't happened yet album. i love this song and, honestly, it's hard to play anything else off this record 'cos of how fantastic i think it is.]
Rogue Wave - "Publish My Love" [more new tracks from their new album, descended like vultures. i like this song quite a bit. remember, you can stream their entire album by clicking here. a really great way to hear this record. we should always support bands that make their music this accessable. especially when the music is this good. good for them.]
Suicide Machines - "High Society" [by request. from the battle hymns album. frankly, i don't care much for these guys. but that's requests for you. good with the bad.]
M. Ward - "Big Boat" [from earlier this year, transistor radio hasn't made many appearances on the show since the album was out, but it is a top 25 contender, as any m. ward record ought to be. i love this big, bluesy ode to 50s, piano driven rock and roll.]
the Perceptionists - "What Have We Got to Lose?" [i believe all music's reviewers described the perceptionists' sound as 'frostbite funk' and that's not a bad label. this song, which samples joy division with great results, is one of a handful of blazingly on-target political statements. if you want to download some perceptionists songs, go read this post.]
Ris Paul Ric - "Daft Young Cannibals" [more from purple blaze, the debut of former q and not u member chris richards. this song sounds more like q and not u than most anything on the album, just, as all the other tracks, stripped to bare essentials. this is a really good album.]
the Mountaingoats - "The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton" [from their 2002 album all hail west texas. there is probably no better, more uplifting song in the world that ends with the phrase 'hail satan!' and you can quote me on that. click here to download and listen.]
Brazilia - "Whistlepig" [now defunct NC band that really caught my ear and then some with this song the first time i saw them a number of years ago. this is off a 3 song 7" single. it still blisters.]
the Coral - "Liezah" [beautiful, simple acoustic song from the magic and medicine album. if i were liezah, i'd be melting.]
Depeche Mode - "A Pain That I'm Used To" [the lead track from the new album playing the angel. there are aspects of this album i like, but i'm still struggling over this somewhat nonsensical 'best album since violator' debate. how 'bout: who cares? how does it stack up now? the truth: not as well as violator did then.]
the Rosebuds - "Back to Boston" [by request. from the makeout album. i'm getting to where i really, really adore the rosebuds. NC music has a lot of high points and they're certainly one of them.]
Kate Bush - "Kashka from Baghdad" [by request. from the lionheart album. she has a new, double-disc album out, her first in 12 years, but we hadn't received it yet. so i pulled out some older kate bush. to be honest, she's not my cup of tea, but i understand people who appreciate her music.]
the Church - "Aura" [the lead track from their 1992 album priest = aura. as a rather devoted church fan, i really like this album a lot. it's not the best place to start if you're new to their music (starfish, heyday or the blurred crusade are your best choices), but once you decide you like them, it's worth picking up.]
the Everybodyfields - "The Only King" [from their latest the plague of dreams. i like these guys quite a bit and this album is growing on me. simple, folksy, country and old-time driven music that really soars on some fantastic songwriting.]
Dwight Yoakam - "Intentional Heartache" [i first balked at two things about this song: the deliberate, dated references ("dale. jr. poster") and the minute plus monologue at the end. now i've decided i'm just stodgy and this song is fantastic. from his latest, blame the vain.]
Pretty Girls Make Graves - "Speakers Push the Air" [the lead track from their debut album good health. i didn't care as much for their second album, but this song alone is worth price of admission on this album.]
Iron and Wine - "Free Until They Cut Me Down" [from our endless, numbered days. i reviewed iron and wine's first album when it came out and then proceeded to ignore this album, not because i didn't like them, but for some other reason i don't know. then the woman king EP changed my thoughts and now i'm digging back to find what i've missed. an excellent album to be sure.]
Big Star - "Lady Sweet" [this makes two songs off of the new in space album i've played that are quite, quite good. i'm waiting to hear the clunkers the reviews i've read are claiming are on this album. we'll see.]
Ani DiFranco - "Sunday Morning" [from her latest, knuckle down. i haven't always been a huge fan of difranco's work, but as of the late 90s, i've really begun to take a liking to her albums. this one especially.]
Bruce Springsteen - "Youngstown" [from the ghost of tom joad.]
Mary Lou Lord - "Thunder Road" [her cover of the boss' classic. this is from her live city sounds album. it was recorded entirely in the boston subway as she busked a whole bunch of covers and a few of her originals. a really nice record.]

That's it for this week. The Perceptionists' concert review (along with a photo or two) will be up later today or tomorrow. Until then, take care.



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