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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Extra Mayhem - 9th June 2009

[So, after a year off, Extra Mayhem is back and better than ever. I've kept some things, altered some others, and all in all it'll make for some interesting late-night radio here in Greensboro and beyond. The show is going to be every Monday night/Tuesday morning from midnight to 2 AM. First, I've kept the Wholesale album of the week feature - and last night's was a doozy - but I've added a fun aspect to the second hour of the show: theme sets. Each week's second hour will have a theme that connects all of the songs played.

In order to avoid copyright skirmishes, naturally, only the theme hour will be podcasted as sending out a copy of an entire album, even if it is only FM quality, is a bit beyond the pale. But I will have a couple of songs from each featured album up for download as well.

Also, even though the show has reversed order this year - Wholesale album during the first hour, theme songs in the second - I will continue to blog the show with songs first, then album. Just makes it easier and more aesthetically pleasing.

Now, let's get going.]

J's Extra Podcast: 9th June 2009 Show

Drive-by Truckers - "Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus)" [from pizza deliverance. tonight's theme was SEX. you read right. SEX. mainly in the titles of the songs. i didn't do an awesome job with this theme, mainly because i only came up with the theme idea last night. future installments will be better, but this was highly amusing all the same.]
the Gun Club - "Sex Beat" [from fire of love. a really dynamic song from a really dynamic album that was actually on the wholesale album feature back in 2006. the gun club is one of those bands you become somewhat obsessed with when you get into them.]
Alejandro Escovedo - "Sex Beat" [from bourbonitis blues. escovedo's take on the gun club classic is slower, darker and more ominous. where jeffrey lee pierce's original is a howling jittery song akin to teenage hormones, escovedo's is a look from people who are lost in their obsessions rather than running with them.]
Morphine - "Super Sex" [from yes. ah, morphine's music is just downright sexy anyway. so why not a song that just shouts it from the rafters?]
Tool - "Prison Sex" [from undertow. i explain on the podcast that this was the song that inspired the theme for this week. i was relistening to this album last night and decided that, yes, it really is every bit as good as i remember. as much as aenima is usually heralded as their high water mark, for me it's this album. really, maybe, it was the videos that drew me into them in the first place, but who cares. good music.]
Girls Against Boys - "Kill the Sexplayer" [from cruise yourself. well, self explanatory. this song is sort of girls against boys in a nutshell, too. sound wise.]
the Vaselines - "Sex Sux (Amen)" [from enter the vaselines, the new 2 CD compilation released on sub pop. and the vaselines are touring this summer, so keep your eyes peeled.]
Tony Alvon and the Belairs - "Sexy Coffee Pot" [from the what it is 4 CD rare funk compilation. a really great mix of some lost funk classics.]
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - "Sex on Wheelz" [from sexplosion! and really, how could any show with a sex theme be complete without something by my life..? this band really is an acquired taste, but anyone who can appreciate high camp ought to appreciate them. like a much darker, thicker and nastier version of the b-52's.]
Rock Plaza Central - "Sexyback" [yes, their cover of the justin timberlake song. their version is actually really well done and different. well worth hunting down as it isn't widely available.]
Kings of Leon - "Sex On Fire" [from only by the night. by request as it was something i sadly left off.]
Flipper - "Sex Bomb" [from generic. and really, the king of all 'sex' songs. a caller rang up to ask who this was, and then asked when it was from. when told 1982, he commented to his companion, "dude, this stuff is older than i am." always a good revelation.]

[Tonight's Wholesale album is from 1997 and is truly one of the albums that has lodged itself firmly in my brain for many and many a year. In It for the Money was Supergrass' sophomore album, following two years after the smashingly successful I Should Coco and over things like Steve Spielberg supposedly wanting to make a Monkees-esque television show with the band.

One big to-do in Britpop in the 90s was the comparisons made between the Beatles and Oasis. Oasis was proudly, supposedly, the most Bealtes-esque of the bunch, but for my money, where Oasis trafficked in the obvious surface sound-alikes of the Beatles, Supergrass nailed the Fab Four's fearless experimentation and divergent sounds with this album more succinctly than anyone else. Whether it was racing, harmonized rockers, or maudlin ballads or funky sounding experiements, the record was a hodge podge of classic British rock and roll, from stem to stern. So, without further ado, our first Wholesale album for 2009..]

Track Listing

1. In It For the Money
2. Richard III
3. Tonight [click here to listen]
4. Late in the Day [click here to listen]
5. G-Song
6. Sun Hits the Sky
7. Going Out
8. It's Not Me
9. Cheapskate [click here to listen]
10. You Can See Me
11. Hollow Little Reign
12. Sometimes I Make You Sad

That'll do it for Extra Mayhem - see you Wednesday night for Indie/Rock Mayhem and take care.

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